Alaska Hunting Seasons – Updated

Welcome to the Alaska Hunting Seasons page. Updated US Hunting Seasons for 2019-2020.

As part of our comprehensive guide to US Hunting Seasons By State on this page you will find out “When Is Hunting Season for Alaska?”

There is also general information on the different hunting seasons for a wide range of wild game species. You will find links to the relevant State Authority so you can make sure you have all the correct legal obligations in place before you start your hunt.

The Alaska hunting season website describes the hunting in this State as follows:

“Alaska’s hunting reputation is justly deserved. One-fifth the size of the entire United States, Alaska offers wilderness hunting opportunities found in few other locations in the world. Planning and preparation are the keys to a successful hunt, no matter how you define it. Do your homework to determine the best areas and times to hunt the species you seek. Purchase reliable equipment, and practice with it ahead of time. Be prepared physically and mentally for tough weather, difficult terrain conditions, isolation, and weather delays. All are normal features of many Alaska hunts.”

IMPORTANT. All care has been taking in preparing this hunting season information for you. Please check the relevant State Authority’s Website for further information and any changes to current US Hunting Season Regulations. We have provided a link to each States hunting season website for your convenience. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has a very comprehensive hunting regulations booklet you can download for free at the website.

Alaska Bear Hunting Season

Alaska offers Brown, Grizzly and Black Bear hunting opportunities throughout the hunting seasons. According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:-

“Brown/grizzly bears are distributed statewide. Brown bears occur along the coast. Grizzly bears are located inland. Highest population densities are on Kodiak Island, Admiralty Island and the Alaska Peninsula. Black Bears are found throughout forested regions of Alaska. Greatest densities occur in parts of Southeast Alaska, but good populations can be found in many regions of the state.”

Hunting Category

Hunting Season 2019-2020*

Brown and Grizzly Bear Sept 1-June 30
Black Bear Sept 1-June 30

* Season dates may vary by zone. Please check the relevant State Authority Website.

Alaska Deer & Elk Hunting Season

Alaska offers sensational Deer, Elk, Caribou, Moose and Dall Sheep just to mention a few of the species in this category.

Distribution of these species is widespread. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game makes the following notes.

“Sitka black-tailed deer were originally found only in Southeast Alaska. Transplants in the early 1900s added huntable populations in Prince William Sound and the Kodiak Archipelago. Highest densities are found at Kodiak and on the major islands of Southeast Alaska.

Moose are widely distributed in Alaska. Greatest population densities occur in Southcentral Alaska, but good populations are found in the Interior, Western, and Arctic Alaska as well. Limited moose hunting opportunities are found in Southeast Alaska.

Caribou are distributed throughout Alaska except Southeast. Caribou are found in herds ranging from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of animals. The largest herds in the state today are the Western Arctic (NW Alaska), Porcupine (NE Alaska) and Mulchatna herds (SW Alaska)”

Hunting Category

Hunting Season 2019-2020*

Deer Aug 1-Dec 31
Caribou Aug 10-Dec 31
Elk Aug 1-Dec 31
Moose Sept 15-Oct 15
Mountain goat Aug 1-Dec 31

* Season dates may vary by zone. Please check the relevant State Authority Website.

Alaska Game Birds Hunting Season

Hunting Category

Hunting Season 2019-2020*

Pheasant Open Season
Grouse Aug 1 – May 15
Wild Turkey Open Season
Quail Open Season
Ducks Sept 1-Dec 16 / Oct 8 -Jan 22
Canada Geese Sept 28 – Dec 16
White Fronted Geese Sept 1-Dec 16

* Season dates may vary by zone. Please check the relevant State Authority Website.

Alaska Small Game Hunting Season

There is a very wide variety of small game hunting opporunities during the alaska Hunting Season. Many of these are available to hunt all year round.

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:-

“Small game hunting provides a wonderful opportunity to introduce young and new hunters to the heritage of hunting. Small game hunting tends to be much more casual than big game hunting, does not require special permits, tags, or stamps, and a group can enjoy a midday hunt and be home for dinner. In Alaska, small game includes hares, grouse and ptarmigan. We are extremely fortunate to have diverse and abundant small game populations throughout the state.”

Hunting Category

Hunting Season 2019-2020*

Coyote Open All year
Arctic Fox Sept 1-Apr 30 (open Season some zones)
Red Fox Sept 1 – Mar 15
Lynx Nov 1 – Apr 15
Snowshoe Hare Open All Year
Squirrel Open Season
Hogs Open Season
Ferrets Open Season

* Season dates may vary by zone. Please check the relevant State Authority Website.

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