Airhead Ahtk-2 Montana Performance Kayak

September 13, 2020

With all the options available today, finding the right fishing kayak for you can seem overwhelming. For those looking for an inexpensive inflatable kayak, the AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance is an excellent option. Easy to transport and reliable in lakes or class I or II rapids, this craft is built for the recreational kayaker.

Is this craft right for you

One of the main pros of this type of boat is its inflatable design. This makes it easy to stow, unlike rigid versions that require roof rails and are much heavier than this boat’s 36 pounds. However, this two-person vessel, although it does fold up and has carrying straps, does not have a separate carrying case. While this makes the boat lighter to carry, it does not have the same protection during transport that a case provides.

Some users on Amazon recommended using a duffel bag to transport it, saying it fit easily into this type of bag.Some reviewers on Amazon did mention that this model tends to take on water more than a plastic design. This affects its tracking, making it veer to the left or right, or simply go in circles.

One reviewer on said he encountered this problem because his boat lacked the necessary PVC paint on the outside. Once he got a replacement model, his kayak worked fine, so this is something to watch out for when purchasing this model.Other reviewers also mentioned that the air bladders deflated quickly, making it hard to be out paddling for more than a couple hours. The majority of reviewers, however, did not have issues with water retention or deflated bladders, and praised this model for its durability and ability to hold up to 500 pounds.

What else should you know about this product

This product is manufactured by Kwik Tek, which produces Airhead and Sportsstuff brand items. Kwik Tek is based in Denver, CO., and, per its website, is the leading supplier and designer of water sport items. They produce boating parts and add-ons, as well as a variety of water vessels and water toys.This AIRHEAD AHTK-2 kayak is made with 840 denier nylon covers and 30-gauge PVC bladders, which makes it long-lasting and reliable.

With its bright orange color, this vessel is visible to others while floating, adding protection to make it safer from accidental collisions with other kayakers. It also has tubular I-beam floor supports, which provide buoyancy to prevent water leakage.At 12 feet long, it is designed to fit two adults, although taller people might find it a bit cramped. The inflatable seats are removable and tend to be slightly more comfortable than seats in rigid models.

Kwik Tek did use high-quality materials when designing this, adding to the comfort level with neoprene elbow guards, and preventing rips with tri-laminate reinforcements on the boat’s underside. There are also spray covers in the front and back, as well as stainless steel and nylon hardware that will not rust despite frequent exposure to water. Boston plugs make inflation and deflation easy, requiring just a hand pump to fill up the air bladders. And with D-rings located along the sides to store essentials, there is plenty of room to bring everything needed for a day spent paddling down river.

This kayak is also cheaper than many of its counterparts. The products at the top of the tier in price do tend to be more reliable and well-made; however, for those looking for a cheaper option that will allow for recreational rafting and last more than a couple trips, this boat is a good choice. With so many types on the market, it can be overwhelming to find one that fits your needs. With the AHTK-2s low price and easy portability, it can be the perfect choice for the occasional or recreational kayaker. Built to withstand lakes and moderate rapids, this vessel will last for quite a few journeys down-river without breaking the bank.