Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak

The Sea Eagle SE370 is an inflatable kayak with many unique attributes and features that have the means to topple the benefits of a hard shell. Many people love kayaking, but find the hassle of storing and carting a heavy hard shell to be too much to handle. The SE370 does have many features unique to its brand, but it also shares some great qualities with its more rigid relative. It has the ability to hold two adults, although it can easily be maneuvered by one.

Just pump in the air, pop in your seats, and you’re good to go! Additionally, it has the capacity to hold up to 650 pounds and is very versatile in its uses; fishing, paddling, or just simply riding down a river can all be accomplished. But how does its specs compare to any regular hard shell?

Pros and Cons:

It can be packed down to fit in a storage bag. For those who do not have the room to commit to a substantial-sized boat, this is an obvious advantage. In one storage bag, your deflated vessel will comfortably rest alongside any other supplies you may need for the day; from camping gear to life jackets. The fact that it compresses to the size of a small bag means that it is easier to travel. No need for a large vehicle or tying your kayak to the top of the car.

After your day on the water, just deflate and throw in the trunk.Another benefit is the fact that it’s lightweight. Once deflated, it weighs in at a mere 32 pounds, while a traditional tandem can weigh 75 to 100 pounds. Hiking, camping, and running to the water will all be made easier, since there is no huge and heavy baggage to lug around. Even children can carry it to and fro.However, the inflation feature may be a negative to some.

For those with back pain or joint stiffness, a traditional vessel may be a better alternative. In some cases, the convenience of air may not provide enough support for those who need a solid surface to lean against. Make sure you fill it up all the way to avoid any discomfort while on the water.

Another thing to consider is the possible concern of maintenance. While it’s no guarantee, it is possible for the material to snag or wear faster than a hard shell. It is absolutely essential to consider the types of terrains that you generally frequent, and to consider the possibility of air leaks, scrapes, and holes that would not occur with a more conventional option. If most of your time on the water is spent on rivers, lakes, and gentle ocean currents, the Sea Eagle would still be a great option. While it is something to think about, very few customers have commented that a rough ride has ever ruined their SE370.

Other Things to Consider:

Sea Eagle is a brand that has consistently had rave reviews and satisfied customers. While they manufacture many types of boats, it is the only thing they sell. There is something to be said for a company that stands behind its product so much that it is the only thing it produces. Additionally, all of their products are covered under a 180 day warrantee. In this time, you can return your purchase for a full refund, as long as it is still in good condition.

And for that extra weight off your shoulders, the company’s products are covered against manufacturer defects for three years. This may be nothing to worry about considering this design features a PolyKrylar hull, self-bailing drain valve, I-beam construction floor, and spray skirts. These unique aspects mean that your new purchase is going to be safe and sturdy.

So, Which Should You Choose

While there are certainly some benefits to choosing a hard shell, there are absolutely some huge bonuses to trying out the Sea Eagle SE370. If you prefer something light, compact, and manufactured by a trusted company, consider going with this trusted brand. You may find that the ease and accessibility of the inflatable kayak makes your next water adventure a blast!

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