Old Town’s Vapor 10 Kayak

The Old Town Vapor 10 is a single-user kayak with tons of space. There are many fantastic options in the market for kayaks, but this one is a high contender for many reasons. If you are shopping for your next kayak, or if this is your first time buying, the Vapor 10 is a great contender. It will blow all the others out of the water!

So What Makes It So Great

First of all, the amount of storage space is amazing. The large cockpit will make your rides much more comfortable than with a standard kayak. Some customers find it is even big enough to fit their dog. And while you may not have man’s best friend out on your rides with you, it is certainly big enough to carry your equipment and other gear. There is even a cup holder! Furthermore, it is definitely large enough for you to ride in comfort and style, giving you the freedom to stretch out your legs and rest, which you may not find in other similar brands. There is also a stern day well, which will hold smaller accessories and day-use items.

The well is higher than the rest of the cockpit, so you can feel confident that your camera, lunch, or other items will be less likely to get wet.In the cockpit, you will never have to worry about settling in. All of us can find hours on the water to be uncomfortable. But with the Vapor 10, the concern is far lessened thanks to the standard relaxation amenities. There is a padded back rest, similar to many other brands, but here you will also find a padded thigh rest and knee pads. Perfect for those long adventures on the water! There are also adjustable foot pegs that conform to your specific height and comfort.

Not only will your trips be fit to your needs, you will find your journeys on the Vapor 10 to be relaxing and comforting.And getting in and out of the water couldn’t be easier. This kayak weighs only 30 pounds. Simply pick up by the handles for easy loading and carrying. Never worry again about how to maneuver with an awkward vessel. For additional security, once you are out on the water, your boat has a molded-in paddle rest. Feel secure taking a break and taking in those views knowing that your paddle isn’t going anywhere!

Things to Consider:

  • This is a single-user, so if you prefer a tandem experience, you may want to consider going with another option.
  • This kayak is meant for smoother paddling experiences. Consider the types of environments you would prefer to do your kayaking. If it is on calm lakes, clear ponds, and slow currents, this is a great option.
  • It only comes in three color options, which are all fairly bright, which can put a damper on anyone in the market for a neutral or camouflage kayak

Additional Information

Old Town Canoes and Kayaks is a great company with consistently happy and satisfied customers. Made in the USA, their craftsmanship is top notch and follows a tradition of cutting edge design. This is a company that cares about every single product in each stage of the building process. From manufacturing to outfitting, you will find consistency and innovation. They use high quality materials, such as a highly durable linear polyethylene. The company follows a long tradition of care; including making sure each product has wonderful amenities that go above and beyond similar products. Customers are pleased with the design, because it not only makes for a smooth ride, but it looks great on the water too. Check them out on Facebook to see what other people have said about their experiences. You will not be unhappy with your purchase!

Final Thoughts

The Vapor 10 Kayak is certainly highly praised and well loved by the people that have used it. The fantastic storage, comfort in riding, and maneuverability are only some of the things that make this kayak a fantastic choice. If you want a smooth trip in every way imaginable, give the Vapor 10 a try.

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