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Professional Metal Detectors

July 12, 2020
Professional Metal Detectors

To buy a professional metal detector is to step up your search game and increase your chances of finding unique treasures. Professional metal detectors are devices designed for searches at a serious and advanced level.

They are equipped with numerous functions including manual and automatic settings such as LCD display. Often controlled by touch buttons, operation is convenient—a perk for the experienced searcher. It is noteworthy that each parameter can be configured based on personal preferences.

Beginners who do not have much experience in the search, buying a professional metal detector can easily understand the many settings, adjustments, and interfaces.

A distinctive feature of professional devices is the presence of wireless headphones, coils, and control panels, connecting via digital radio.

ATX Extreme Garrett Pulse Induction Metal Detector with 11×13 DD Closed searchcoil


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Garrett ATX is a top contender among professional-grade underwater metal detectors. This professional metal detector is designed for soil, beach, and underwater search.

The maximum depth of immersion is 3 meters. The device can operate at maximum sensitivity and depth regardless of the salinity of the soil or sand. This trouble-free soldier will help you find gold nuggets, coins, and jewels in the most difficult conditions.

The Garrett ATX identified a coin of the 1794 year at a depth of 37 centimeters, and the marginal depth was 130 cm. In standard delivery, you will see a 10×12 inch coil of an unusual construct, with a connecting cable placed inside the telescopic rod.

The powerful fastening ears of the coil to the rod instill confidence in the structural strength.

The new state-of-the-art 20-inch coil design contributes to better compatibility and performance. from the new pulse technology work.

The new pulse technology performs a more confident and reliable search for small targets without reducing the speed of wiring and improved detuning from the ground. The Garrett ATX delivers a complete set of deep search options and sports a hard, military-style case for MD.


  • Discriminator – customizable, 25 fixed positions
  • Threshold audio tunable also on 25 fixed installations
  • 13 gradations of the sensitivity of MD
  • Soil balance adjustment range is from iron saturated to salty soil.


Minelab GPZ 7000 Gold Nugget Metal Detector


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The Minelab GPZ 7000 proves one of the best professional metal detectors on the market. This quality metal detector contains a wireless connection, color screen, and GPS. It’s equipped with a GPZ 13×14 SuperD coil.

The new revolutionary ZVT technology allows you to find gold at a depth unattainable with other metal detectors. 

The performance of the GPZ 7000 metal detector exceeds models such as the SDC 2300, GPX 5000 in the next parameters. With the help of integrated GPS navigation and the XChange 2 PC application, you can now map your gold finds. Using the Map screen, you can move to a specific location, review your GeoTrail, and save WayPoints (points of interest) “] FindPoints (gold finds).

You can also record the depth and weight of gold finds in the field. No need to carry around a separate GPS and laptop. Everything can be stored as a GeoHunt in a metal detector. When you return home, you can upload your data and display it on Google maps.

Its high sensitivity with a Super-D coil gives the maximum advantage in the field. With this device, you can find nuggets that weigh less than a gram. The GPZ 7000 detects less atmospheric noise, has 256 noise reduction channels, which ensures a smooth and quiet search.


  • Integrated GPS positioning “] PC mapping
  • Extreme gold depth; 40% deeper than GPX models
  • Maximum gold sensitivity
  • Precise ground balancing
  • Increased noise immunity
  • Simple system menu
  • Wireless audio
  • Waterproof coil with dive depth of 1 m

Makro JeoTech Deep Seeking Metal Detector Pro Package


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Jeotech, created using unsurpassed Macro technology, is the first sample of new-generation professional-grade metal detectors. This detector provides a convenient perception of targets at depth and has a powerful ability to perceive both depth and soil.

One of the distinguishing features that separate it from other detectors is the provision of convenient work in the soil with high mineral content and the ability to detect targets even under stones that contain ore.

Jeotech is able to search at a much greater depth compared to other similar systems when searching for coins. It searches metals with excellent accuracy and detects voids under the ground, such as caves, crypts, and tunnels.

On the left side of the Jeotech, which has an LED alarm system, are LEDs that inform the user about the voids under the ground, and on the right are LEDs that report metals. In addition, the system reports the target with sound signals.

Informing the user about precious metals—gold, silver, copper, and bronze—the system distinguishes steel from precious metals. Jeotech, which provides a very practical use due to its lightness, reports detected metals and voids to the user using LED sound and light signals.

With its excellent ability to detect metals and voids, as well as an economical price, Jeotech will be the favorite of users in any field. It’s the most popular detector of this year.

Jeotech is designed for use in highmineral content soils on the saltwater coast, on the coast and in the sand.

Thanks to a special filtration system, Jeotech searches without reacting to the effects of all parasites and noise. It allows practical, prompt and accurate detection of the target when searching on walls, slopes, surfaces, and at depth.


  • Operating System: VLF (Very Low Frequency)
  • Metal Discrimination – Non-Ferrous / Ferrous / Steel + Cavity
  • Election of Ferrous – No
  • Comfort Joystick Grip Design
  • Easy to Understand LED Display
  • Advanced Micro-Processor Technology


White’s Spectra V3i HP Metal Detector – 800-0329-HP


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Whites Spectra V3i is a professional metal detector which embodies the latest technology in the field of instrument search. The most distinctive features of the V3i include a color display, multilingual function, three operating frequencies, and the presence of BlueTooth and USB.

The Whites Spectra V3 is equipped with a liquid crystal display with high image quality and is considered the first among all existing models today.

VDI numbers are quite large and perfectly visible even from a distance; therefore, visual discrimination is very convenient here.


  • Three-frequency search pattern
  • Simultaneous synograph determines findings
  • Enlarge image feature to display findings
  • Wireless headphones and stereo sound quality recognize the sound and identify the category of metal

Garrett AT MAX Waterproof Metal Detector, MS-3 Wireless Headphones and Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Pinpointer


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The new Garrett AT MAX metal detector refers to multifunctional search units that can operate in various environments—as an earth detector, land searches, and underwater searches. It has a dive depth of three meters.

The Garrett AT MAX is intended for experienced users and meets all modern requirements of treasure hunting.

The metal detector has improved the discrimination system, the ground balance setting, and the threshold tone option, as well as the wireless communication via the built-in Z-Link sound transmitter.

The Garrett AT MAX detector is ideal for any search conditions, from open areas, to  cramped conditions, and also in places with high humidity.


  • Operating frequency – 13.6 kHz (medium) + frequency shift function
  • Soil balance – auto and manual
  • Four operating modes
  • Discrimination – graphic scale + VDI number
  • Ground balance window function
  • Iron sound function (Iron Audio)
  • Three-tone, dynamic sound response
  • Volume control
  • Screen Backlight
  • Customizable threshold tone

Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk Pinpointer:

  • Fully waterproof when submerged to 6 meters
  • Bright orange case for visibility underwater
  • Maximum sensitivity for detecting nuggets and other small targets
  • Three sensitivity levels
  • Single-click configuration
  • Easy-to-find device locator.
  • Auto power off for audible warning after 60 minutes
  • One-button control for power, reconfiguration, sensitivity level (3 levels), and silent mode (only vibration)
  • Ruler in inches and centimeters on the body of the device for convenient depth measurement
  • New power button, convenient to control even with gloves

How does a professional metal detector differ from basic metal detecting devices?

Among the variety of search equipment, professional metal detectors differ favorably to include the self-classification of finds and displaying information on the screen. They’re equipped with all modern functions and devices.

The cost of the detector depends on the equipment quality and functions it performs. Only an experienced owner is able to evaluate and fully use the most advanced features included with professional equipment.

Automatic tuning to the type of soil sets apart basic equipment from professional-grade devices. The device is able to determine search deeper and more accurately. The elimination of electrical interference allows pro searchers to work in areas of impact without interruption from other metal detectors or power lines.

The more working frequencies a device has, the more advanced and precise it is. While simple models can work only on one or two, professional-grade multi-frequency metal detectors simultaneously cut targets of different sizes, identifying each one at the same time.

Coils of such devices also differ in frequency range. The expensive models of the search unit are equipped with multi-tone polyphony, which allows identifying the type of the found object as accurately as possible, whereas less expensive detectors utilize no more than three tones.

Many professionals are attracted by the PinPointer function, which saves users time and effort. Owners of lesser models are deprived of this opportunity or use manual PinPointer in addition.

One of the most important differences between professional-level metal detectors and basic models is the number of settings. Inexpensive models are equipped with several standard search programs (for example, for jewelry, coins, relics, etc.).

Advanced devices often boast extensive customizable and pre-programmed settings for the owner including double identification of targets, a graphic image and VDI numbers, determination of the size of a find, a larger screen for outputting a large amount of information, and button controls.

In professional metal detectors depth detection is approximately twice as powerful as in entry-level instruments. Owners of cheaper models can upgrade this feature by purchasing additional search coils.

The most important factor shaping the price of a metal detector is the quality of discrimination.

A professional device will not miss a target and will accurately identify it even if there is unnecessary metal objects nearby. Many conventional detectors cannot cope with littered search areas.

Some devices of a professional level are equipped with the possibility of identification by the metal inductance, which greatly increases the chances of correctly determining the type of find and eliminates the need to once again dig in an unnecessary place.

In any case, to use a metal detector at a professional level, you need knowledge and experience. Beginner treasure seekers should start with basic, less expensive detectors. After several search seasons, you’ll outgrow your device and be ready for the upgrade to the more advanced, more expensive device.

Should You Buy a Professional Metal Detector?

When looking at your equipment options, consider whether your new hobby is a passing fancy or a serious commitment to honing your search skills. Have you caught the treasure searching bug, or is this a passing fancy? Choose wisely and start simple until you’re sure you’ve committed to the craft.

Shop smart and within your budget, and always keep in mind how serious the hobby has become for you.

If you buy a cheap metal detector, the searcher’s chances of finding items of real value is limited. If you find yourself quickly disappointed by the abundance of iron debris found as a novice, consider that disappointment an indicator that you’re not as committed to searching as you’d hoped.

Conversely, those who throw lots of money at the newest technology but have no experience are bound to find a few great treasures but become overwhelmed with their device.

Find a happy medium, the golden mean. Purchase a metal detector within your means and put in the necessary study time to development your skills. You’ll begin to wield your device with prowess and soon find interesting targets while eliminating many of the trash finds that frustrated you at the beginning. A mid-level instrument and the right mindset can develop your expertise, and once you’ve made it to expert level you can upgrade to a professional device.

Can You earn money with metal detecting?

A hike with a metal detector is a fairly simple and effective way to find useful items, including antique money, mobile phones, watches, etc. You will not need to do your research to acquire the proper permits and plan for making this an income-making hobby.

Purchase suitable equipment, preferably certified and with a guarantee, and then go to places where there may be buried objects of value. You’ll need to determine what type of jewelry you are going to look for, and also to choose the most favorable area for this.

How much can you earn?

Your earnings will depend on how often you explore for valuable items and how well you choose your search area. In addition, you must be able to handle the metal detector properly.

People who have long been engaged in the search for valuables with the help of a metal detector also pay attention to military paraphernalia, antiques, etc., which makes it possible to find high-valuable items.

In addition to these skills, for earnings, you will definitely need to create a website on the Internet or a group on a social network to advertise your finds for sale.

How much money is needed to start a business?

In order to start earning with the help of a metal detector, it is enough to buy the device itself and an engineer blade for digging holes.

If you searching becomes a money maker, it is better to take more expensive and high-quality devices, which are able to work in water and detect objects at great depths.

Whether you’ve made metal detecting a hobby or a profession, know your brand, hone your skills, and have fun!  To learn more about top brands, search techniques, and other important metal searching information, contact the Base Outdoor Team.