Pinpointer Metal Detector

Purchasing a pinpointer is necessary for every beginner and experienced treasure hunter. It’s an investment that you must make after the initial purchase of a metal detector and shovel.

The metal detector is used for surface detection of an object in the ground, and the pinpointer is used for precise detection of an object after a hole has been dug. Pairing a pointer with a metal detector will have a huge impact on the search speed and increase its productivity, especially if you are a newbie.

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This is an underwater pinpoint with the ability to dive underwater up to 60 meters. A built-in lithium-ion battery can be charged from any device with a USB connector (power supply, laptop, PowerBank).

This pinpointer has excellent quality and an affordable price, making it perfect for beginners and experts alike. The X-Pointer notes the exact location of the find after your regular metal detector has seen the signal under the search coil area. Having this pinpointer in your search arsenal saves time when searching for rings, coins, jewelry, pendants, and other metals.

The Deteknix X-Pointer is housed in a waterproof casing and an auto-tuning mode is on par with industry leaders. Additional features include multi-level sensitivity, a flashlight for searching in the dark or underwater, a vibration and sound mode, and a built-in battery which can be charged from any USB device.

The closer the find is to the working area of ​​the device, the more intense the sound alert or the vibration mode. Use the Deteknix X-Pointer for your searching as well as in construction to detect hidden wiring and valves. Its impulses work in both salt and freshwater.


  • Four levels of sensitivity
  • Sealed (underwater) housing IP68
  • Sound mode, vibration mode, vibration + sound, sound signal + backlight
  • Submerge up to 60 m
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ruler on external wand measures the depth of the find
  • 360 degrees working sensor area
  • Anti-loss mode produces a characteristic sound signal after 3 minutes in the switched-on state


White’s TRX Bullseye Waterproof Pin-Pointer with Holster and Iron-On Patch – 800-0343


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Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer is the perfect companion to your metal detector. It’s capable of locating valuable coins, rings, jewelry, gold, and relics.

When you’ve located a target and dug the hole, use the Bullseye TRX Pinpointer to precisely pinpoint the target completely automatic with no tuning. The powerful LED light illuminates target areas when the button is pushed. Power your device up to 20 hours on two AA batteries or a single 9-Volt battery.

The Bullseye TRX’s area of detection is concentrated around the tip, making it easy to zero in on the target. Its multiple features and functions make it a leading pinpointer on the market. It is IP68 Certified, making it waterproof up to 10 feet.


  • 12 kHz Operating Frequency
  • No interference with other metal detectors
  • Audio and/or Vibrate Alert
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Dual Battery Operation (2-AA or 1-9V)
  • Full Two-year Warranty
  • Holster (up to 3″ belt)
  • Lanyard Attachment Loop on TRX and Holster
  • LED Light
  • Lost Pinpointer Alarm
  • Overload Indicator
  • Replaceable Shell
  • Ruler with Inch Markings
  • Simple One-Button Operation
  • Target Ratcheting
  • Waterproof to 10 feet, IP68 Certified


Makro Pointer Waterproof Metal Detector with Led Light and Extra’s

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The Makro Pointer is a quality Turkish pinpointer, which has a waterproof case with immersion up to 1 meter. The economical consumption scheme allows for a long time to use pinpointer with a budget battery type “Krona” 9 Volts. Replaceable caps in the form of protective tips will protect the body from wear, unwanted scuffs or chips.

Adjustable sensitivity allows customization for any treasure hunter’s needs. This waterproof pinpointer will quickly and accurately locate your find at a distance of up to 7 centimeters to a coin.

Makro Pointer with a hull (IP67), can be used both on land and underwater. The detection zone targets 360 degrees. Adjust the sensitivity using the +/- buttons for maximum performance. At maximum sensitivity (4th level) the Makro Pointer works without false positives.

The Makro Pointer has built-in protection against interference. When the pinpointer is turned off, the magnetic transmission of the coil is also turned off. This eliminates the possibility of interference from other metal detectors. A powerful Makro Pointer LED flashlight illuminates the search location at the darkest time of the day. Control buttons are located on top. There is an opinion that such an arrangement of buttons increases the overall reliability of the pinpointer.


  • Hard carrying case
  • Replaceable cap
  • Replaceable cap with scraper
  • Belt holster
  • Instructions for the user
  • Warranty card (24 months)

Minelab PRO-FIND 35


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Pinpointer Minelab Pro-Find 35 has advanced and innovative features. This pinpointer is a great addition to every expert hunter’s collection.

This durable underwater pinpointer is one of the best metal detectors on the market and will undoubtedly become your indispensable instrument in the search for gold jewelry, rings, chains, royal coins, silver, and many other precious finds.

With the help of the Pro-Find series point indicator, you can accurately determine the find in a small hole in the ground. This search method will lead to better productivity, more finds, and less environmental damage.

The Pro-Find 35 pinpointer model was released in 2017, and it has received rave reviews from experts in the industry.


  • Ferrous Tone ID (Discrimination). Two different signals will help you determine which type of metal is in the soil (black or color). Perfectly suitable for use with a basic metal detector that does not have a discrimination regime.
  • Immersibility up to 3 meters. Durable waterproof construction, ideal for searching on the beach, in the sea or in rivers. The best assistant for the underwater metal detector.
  • Audio and Vibro. Sound and vibration signal increases proportionally when approaching the target and facilitating the search, especially underwater!
  • Adjustable sensitivity. Five levels of sensitivity allow you to fine-tune the maximum depth and minimum noise level in any soil conditions. Easy to set up using separate +/- buttons
  • Loss mode. The alarm and the bright yellow case of the Minelab PRO-FIND 35 are very striking, so it’s hard for you to leave the device somewhere or lose it.
  • Holster. Durable holster, which is attached to any belt, will help protect your Pro-Find 35 and always keep in readiness.

DIF dramatically reduces interference from a working metal detector. When the metal detecting pinpointer is turned off, the coil of the indicator coil is turned off. Another advantage is the Handy Lost-Alarm technology. PRO-FIND series pointers have a useful instrument loss feature that sounds after a certain period of time when you left pinpointer on. This makes it easy to find your forgotten pinpoint, even in tall grass, so it will never get! The PRO-FIND 35 Pinpointer Series is an integral part of your kit for a successful instrument search.



What is a Pinpointer?

A Pinpointer is a special metal detector that is used to accurately, determine the location of objects to as close as a millimeter. It is usually small in size and may even resemble a flashlight. There is no discrimination in such devices, but it serves as an excellent companion to a standard metal detector. Pinpointers can serve the dual purpose of detecting electrical wiring inside the wall.

Quite often, treasure hunters use pinpointers to search for small coins or jewelry in excavations, sometimes even in waste dumps. The technology can determine the shallow depth of an object up to five centimeters.

What Does A Pinpointer Do?

Sometimes it is difficult to locate a small target in a large area of ground turned out by a shovel, especially in slushy, dank weather. In the wall or bottom of the fossa, using the pin is much easier to localize the object and dig it out without damage to the find.

The pinpointer saves time as you look in thick grass, fallen autumn leaves, or earth dumps. When hunting in the winter, you want to be as accurate as possible in your treasure location as you must dig it out of the frozen ground. Pinpoint technology accurately identifies targets to avoid damage.

Of course, in almost all modern metal detectors, there is a mode for pinpointing the target, but most of the search coils are not that small, and the instruments themselves are quite powerful. SThe small, handheld pinpointer eliminates time and effort.

It is also useful to pin when conducting searches in old houses or in attics. Sometimes it is very difficult to ring the standard metal detecting device, even with the sniper. The pinpointer can successfully identify finds in the most cramped conditions with minimal maneuverability.

There is no doubt that pinpointer is a serious machine, not a silly handheld toy. It will greatly facilitate your work and will save time and effort.

How To Use A Pinpointer

With the help of a metal detector, locate a certain colored object that you think is worth digging out of the ground. Pre-determine, with the help of the search coil of the metal detector, the targeted object’s location. Visually, we remember the point of the strongest sound signal in the part of the ground where the search coil is located.

Then allowing a margin to each side of the identified object, make cuts of turf in the form of a letter P and turn it to the side where there is no cut. If for some reason there is no turf make a dump of soil in any direction. Using a shovel, extract the lump of earth containing your object.

If the object is not found with the standard pin of the metal detector immediately within 5 to 15 seconds and you start frantically breaking, raking or sifting the ground with your fingers in search of this object, you should activate the manual pinpointer!

After activating the pin, keeping the device in a horizontal position or close to the horizon, run a hand, slightly touching the pinpointer surface of the excavated earth.

At the location of the object, your device will respond to the metal and trigger the target alarm (depending on the model).

Target alarms vary. They can be vibrations or sound,  but the principles of their response to the target are the same. If you hear a decrease in sound (vibration), the target is removed from the pinpointer active zone.

Conversely, the increase in continuous vibration (sound) corresponds to the approach of the active zone to your object.

When the target is located at a distance of 0.5 to 1 cm (depending on the model) to any wall or pin of the pinpointer, the device will begin to emit a sound or continuously vibrate.

Carrying the device

For carrying and its convenient location on the equipment (clothing), these devices are equipped with protective covers in the form of a holster. The holster should be worn on the side or on the belt but always under a dominant hand. If you are right-handed, thread a loop of the holster on the right side of the belt, or do the opposite if you are left-handed.

Storage of the device

Before storing the pinpointer for the winter, always remove the battery from the battery compartment to prevent accidental electrolyte leakage. Pinpointers are best stored in a factory carton box. Maintain your equipment so that you’re ready for the next search.

Do You Need A Pinpointer To Metal Detect?

Difficult localization and removal of small colored targets from the ground is a well-known problem in modern metal detectors equipped with DD (Double D) search coils. Of course, along with all the advantages of the DD scheme, there is one bottleneck in it.

This bottleneck is expressed in an inaccurate, sometimes constantly floating definition of the center from the target found using a standard metal detector coil. And usually, such an inaccurate work of the metal detector’s broader pinpoint technology makes it difficult for a novice searcher who is not yet ready to quickly localize and use the search coil.

For these tasks, the pinpointer is perfect.  how to quickly and accurately localize colored fines, ranging, for example, from a small scale to a full-fledged coin, and there is this unique class of miniature metal detectors called differently: pinpointer, pinpointer or pro pointer, etc. Such a statement does not mean at all that, for example, with a pinpointer you can only search for small metal objects!

On the contrary, with its help, you can precisely localize absolutely any metal target! Also, such a device can search for the metal in brick or wooden walls, in general, everywhere where there are no frequent metal structures, such as fittings and similar engineering support structures.

Choose a Pinpointer with

  • Stable and progressive sound signals
  • No false signals (does not respond to the purity of the metal detector)
  • Tip detection range of 360 degrees;
  • Moisture resistant case of at least IP66
  • Multiple sensitivity levels
  • Instant on/off time
  • Small current consumption

Common problems with all fake devices according to metal detector pinpointer reviews:

  • Uneven detection accuracy, very unstable signal, pinpoint responds to stones
  • Do not visualize very small objects, and the depth/sensitivity is very small
  • Poor build quality and low durability
  • Usually, battery consumption is three times greater due to pulsed induction technology (instead of VLF)

Pinpointers are a must have for any serious hunter. Your treasure is waiting, and the pinpoint technology allows you to locate it with accuracy and minimize the extra work and threat of harm to your target. To learn more about pinpointers and other metal detecting accessories, contact the Base Outdoor Team. We’re here to help!

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