Kelly Kettle Camp Kettle Survival Stove | Unlimited Fuel!

In an outdoor survival situation, the right gear is crucial. You need practical gear, that’s easy to maintain, simple to use, lightweight, and serves multiple functions. The Kelly Kettle fills every one of these requirements and more.

No Fuel Carrying

The most exciting thing about the Kelly Kettle is that it eliminates the need to carry fuel. All you need are some pine needles, a few sticks, or any other burnable material.

Build a fire in the base, and the heat rising through the chimney in the kettle will boil a relatively large amount of water easily. Never worry about clean drinking water again with this system in your pack.

Great Design

The Kelly Kettle performs as well as a propane stove, and works better than some stoves in the winter. The simple design means you don’t have to carry fuel with you, or worry about running out.

It is also unlikely to break or wear down, since it has few moving parts, so you can be confident that your Kelly Kettle is ready when you need it.

The versatility offered by the Kelly Kettle makes it great for adventures big and small. It can be used as water storage, or to store utensils and other supplies.

It can also be used to cook hot dogs or small game, and provides hot water for freeze-dried meals. It can even be used to help start a larger fire, especially in damp or rainy conditions.

Simply get a fire going in the protected base of the kettle, and then transfer the coals over.

Just One Complaint

My only complaint with the Kelly Kettle is the rubber stopper. It is great at keeping water in, but can be difficult to remove. This was an intentional design, however, so the company can’t be blamed.

A screw cap system introduces the potential for an explosion, if the cap was accidentally left on during boiling.

The stopper, if not removed before boiling, will just pop out from the pressure. This reduces the risk of accidents.

So Many Options

There are several Kelly Kettle sizes available to meet your particular needs. The Base Camp model can boil 1.6 litres of water and is ideal for groups on camping or fishing outings.

The next size down is Scout, a 1.2 litre kettle great for small groups or families. For backpacking, kayaking, and other activities requiring a lightweight system the Trekker is available.

The Trekker can boil 0.6 litres of water, and is perfect for 1-2 people.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Kelly Kettle is perfect for any adventure. It works as well as a propane stove, and removes the need to carry fuel or worry about running out.

It performs multiple functions, which makes it ideal for survival situations, and there may even be a lightweight version coming out soon.

The Kelly Kettle now has a regular spot in my pack, and I would recommend that it become a part of yours too.

Posted by Matthew

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