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North Face Berkeley Duffel Travel Bag For Camping

April 22, 2020
North Face Berkeley Duffel Better Than The Base Camp For One Bag Travel?

Traveling these days is as essential as anything else.

You go to travel to the cities, different countries or sometimes the world. If not so, then at least you have to get to visit for official works a few times a year.

This makes traveling and traveling accessories essential for us too. One of the critical things you need when we go is an easy and portable luggage carrier. In simple words, you need a bag.

A handy and large size bag which can be enough for a different kind of stuff. However, there are a lot of pockets in the market.

Which one should you buy? What should be the ideal size of that bag? And what fabric of that bag should be?

Or maybe how many pockets should a bag have?

There are a lot of questions that come to mind when we think of a perfect travel bag.

Well, we have come up with a better option for you. The better choice for a traveler that we have is North Face Berkeley Duffel Bag.

What are the features of North Face Duffel Bag?

North face Berkeley duffel bag is larger than normal size American bags available in the market. It’s 10.5 x 23.5 x 12 inches in size.

Usually, the maximum size of an American bag is 9 x 14 x 12. The north face duffel bag has quite an ample space inside, and a lot of stuff can be put inside it.

Its weightage is 1 pound 13 ounces. In terms of liters, it has a capacity of 49 liters. It is made up of polymer.

The north face offers a lifetime warranty on all its products, including this duffel bag. The bottom is made of polyester fabric, which makes it more reliable to carry some heavy luggage inside it.

How is it different from other bags?

This product is different from other market bags. In terms of quality, we use high-quality fabric to give it maximum durability. The material on the front of the top offers your stuff protection from the rain.

On sides of the bag are two separate pockets. In these side pockets, you can put anything. For example, your wallet, passport, cards, or other small stuff can be put inside these pockets.

The bag has got two grip handles on the top, which is stitched nicely. The kit gives you the option to hold it tightly from different grips on its sides and top.

On the sides of the bag, there are two separate hideaway pockets. These pockets are bigger. You can keep your dirty shoes or dirty clothes in these pockets separately from your other stuff.

Up the bag is two large grip handle strips. They are nicely stitched from top to bottom.

There are two additional pocket type side spaces given in the bag. You can keep a water bottle inside them.

How is it from inside?

There are two large packing cubes given inside the bag. They are two in the same size. In one cube you can put your shirts, and in other, you can keep the jeans.

You can easily keep 4-5 packing cubes of the same size inside the bag. The inside material is grey polyester. Overall it’s an excellent bag for a traveler.

What’s its Price?

The price of this bag is 99 dollars. It is worth its cost. With its different fabric and bigger size, the north face provides you with the best kit available in the market.

Some of you might think that its size is larger than the regular bags. But, if you travel locally, usually you take a lot of stuff with you. For local traveling, this bag can be a perfect choice for you.