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Osprey Stratos 50 Day Pack For Camping

April 19, 2020
OSPREY Stratos 50 Day Pack REVIEW

Every avid hiker needs the best backpack for hiking. The best backpacks make a lot of difference for the backpacker or hiker.

The quality of the backpack will surely be one thing on which the hiker can rely on. To bring the best bag for you, we have come up with Osprey Stratos 50 backpack.

This is the backpack that a backpacker needs while going on exploring the wilderness. The issue is to find a backpack that can fit into your budget and also be reliable for the backpacker.

Definitely, no hiker would like to see a backpack breaking or ripping apart since this can stop you or your gear from going farther.

So, if you are in search of a backpack for your next journey, you can have the best backpack from Osprey.

This is the brand name that you can easily trust and rely on.

Feature of Osprey Stratos 50 backpack

Osprey’s backpack is a multipurpose product. It is the best backpack for a hiker to go on a hiking site. Its size is medium-large, 3551 cubic inches. And 3.65 pounds is its weight.

Osprey backpack is an ideal material for one to carry with oneself for hiking. From the top, it has access to its bottom. At the top is the opening lad, which is the primary access to its floor.

Alongside this, there are side zippers as well. To keep or take anything out of the backpack, you don’t necessarily need to put your whole arm to reach the bottom.

Those two side accesses to the main compartment will make the job easy for you.

On the sides, it has got a big zipper pocket in the top lad. There is also a compartment at the back with a zipper. There is a critical holder right there that’s very helpful. Which you will like the most.

On the back, there is an external cargo. Not only is this foreign cargo for your jacket, but it also has a separate compartment. There is some more room to put in more stuff. Like you can keep the map inside, or the snacks, gloves or hat, etc.

There are leak holes on the back. In case of something leaks, it will not sit at the bottom but will leak from the vents.

On each side, there are water bottle holders. You can quickly put a bottle inside them. The whole container can fix them.

Below the bottom, you have a sleeping bag compartment. The twenty-degree bag fits nicely inside it.

Below this, you have a rain cover inside the zipper compartment. You can use the rain fly for your pack. Simply put that on your package to cover it from the rain. Osprey offers this rain cover in all of its bags.

On the back, you have an airspeed back panel. It’s is integrated nicely. It fits on your back perfectly while giving you airspace so that you don’t feel exhausted on the hot sunny day.

On the top are the shoulder straps. They are thick and comfortable and provide a firm grip on the shoulders.

What is the price of the Osprey backpack?

The price of an Osprey backpack is 190 dollars. The price is the same on Amazon and Osprey’s website. Looking at the features of the Osprey backpack, the price seems to be reasonable.

You will find Osprey backpack to be the best backpacks for your hiking journey. You will love this addition because it is highly rated, durable, lightweight, and adjustable.