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Coleman North Rim 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

July 25, 2020

Despite its shape, size and low temperature rating, we evaluated the Coleman entry with our casual camping section for one reason; it does not compress well nor fit compactly into a backpack to make it a good choice for backpacking. It is also heavy, weighing in at over 7 lb. But for the casual camper, this product is great value for money.

The Coleman North Rim 0 Degree Sleeping Bag 

There are many who have yet to experience the fun of camping. They are missing out, and one reason for their reluctance is the fear of not being comfortable. Well, with this bag from Coleman you will be feeling good in any camping environment.

Outdoor adventurers will find that this selection delivers th for less while offering some of the same benefits of the TETON Sports Celsius XXL -18 Degree C / 0 Degree F Flannel Lined product. The 0 degree selection from Coleman, a heavyweight in the outdoor product arena for years, includes double batt-offset quilt construction to eliminate those dreaded cold spots.

Warmth and comfort are further enhanced with a semi-sculpted hood to keep your noggin snug, insulated chest baffles to help retain body heat, and a box foot silhouette that allows extra wiggle room. A big plus if you like me and have big feet.

Reviewers had noted that when using an insulated sleeping pad this product performed very well, especially in winter and colder temperatures-but was too hot for some on milder summer temperatures.  Although it can be unzipped and used as a big blanket in milder temperatures, you will find it’s not as good a three-season choice as other selections in this review.  But, like the TETON Sports Celcius XXL, this baby offers a two-way, no-snag zipper for ease and maximum ventilation.

Great Casual Camper – Warm and Durable

Coleman designed this selection to provide warmth and comfort no matter what the elements throw at you. With the company’s ComfortSmart Technology you are assured of a pleasant, durable, high-quality product that comes with a stuff sack, and a five-year warranty.

This long-wearing selection features a 100% Diamond Ripstop polyester cover to resist water, a polyester liner, and filled with 100% polyester, so it’s completely hypoallergenic- an important consideration if you are camping in high pollen seasons. One drawback, a minor one, is that the drawstrings for the hood are on the inside of the hood, which means they could chafe if rubbed up against the skin during sleep. Again, this is a minor complaint that may not affect everyone.  And like most synthetic bags it is Commercial machine washable for easy and affordable care.

Great for campers up to 6’2” it measures 32 inches by 82 inches (W x L), keeps you nice and toasty in cold temperatures, and offers features like a two-way zipper, chest baffles and a mummy style hood.  It’s high-on-quality-low-on-cost camper favorite that is filled with 60 ounces of Coletherm insulation. Designed to meet industry standards, and bearing the pedigree of an outdoor industry leader you can be sure this is a product that will keep you warm and comfortable in the car, the campground, at the beach or in a tent.