Eureka Solitaire Camping Tent

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For the solo camper, or folks who just plain don’t want to share their space, a good bivouac-style shelter is the way to go. Of course, when you choose to brave the elements on your own, you’ve must be certain that your gear has your back. After all, there won’t be anybody to cuddle up to for warmth if things get chilly. Fortunately for those outdoorspeople who like to adventure alone, the New York-based Eureka corporation has bent 120 years of experience with outdoor gear toward crafting a shelter that can keep a single trekker safe and comfortable.Be warned, however— this model does come with one major, and widely-reported, design flaw.


  • When designing a bivy (slang for a single-person tent) one of the first concerns is usually portability. After all, this design appeals first and foremost to solo backpackers, who prefer to enjoy nature with a little hassle as possible—which means carrying the lightest possible gear. At a mere 2 pounds, 9 ounces this one will definitely not be a burden, meaning you can save more stamina for your explorations.

  • The body is certainly equipped to keep you safe and comfy. Nylon taffeta comprising the floor and full-coverage fly are made to shrug off rough weather, while the tunnel shape and generally slight profile help wind shear off before it can stress the structure to excess. The fly also comes fully attached, but rolls back to reveal a ceiling of mesh, great for both ventilation and stargazing.

  • Though unusual in larger models, having a rain fly that stays hooked up to the body can mean much quicker deployment when bad weather is moving in fast and you don’t have anybody to help get it set.Of course, the shelter as a whole is designed for quick and easy set up—again, that’s important when there are no extra sets of hands around—but be observant, as many are surprised to discover that their tent needs staking to provide proper structure, rather than being designed to be self-supporting.


Of course, some flaws are intrinsic to such a small shelter. What you gain in efficiency, you lose in luxury; a peak of 2 feet and 4 inches of overhead clearance might feel cramped to some, and getting in and out can require some wriggling. The interior also leaves little room for gear; even the vestibule is minimal.

This design also has few, if any, true “extras”—likely the solo adventurer wouldn’t want or need them, and they would only create extra weight—but some might want a model with a bit more to offer than two small storage pockets and a loop to hang a flashlight.Then again, providing safe shelter for those who are out in the wild should be a higher priority for Eureka than trying to pack in bells and whistles… which is why it’s a shame that the Solitaire is widely-known for a serious flaw in its construction, a problem centered around one of its most crucial elements, the support poles.

Many campers are immediately skeptical of fiberglass poles, like the ones that come with this model. Certainly they’re light, which makes them a good fit for a product designed around the idea of minimizing size and weight, but unfortunately they can also be quite fragile. When aluminum poles bend, they can be bent back into shape. When fiberglass breaks, It shatters and splinters, leaving you with a useless and unfixable pole.

Not the kind of situation you’d like to find yourself in if you’re braving the great outdoors without any company. What’s worse, cold weather—something a Solitaire is otherwise quite able to endure at least up to a point—worsens the fragility of fiberglass.Worst of all, this model is susceptible to an outright manufacturing error, one that causes the body to strain against the poles, leading to widespread breakage.

Fortunately, solutions exist to address this issue—it’s not unheard of for campers to simply replace the fiberglass poles after (or even before) they break, usually with aluminum. A bit heavier, but aluminum is far less likely to leave you stranded with a useless, structure-less pile of fabric. Eureka customer service also receives a great deal of praise for their handling of this issue. Should the worst happen, the poles can be inexpensively replaced. You may even be able to send yours in to get re-sewn, altering the structure enough to reduce that stress on the supports.


Though adventuring off into the wilderness by your lonesome isn’t generally recommended for newcomers, the Solitaire makes for a solid entry-level shelter for adventurers who need to balance cost with other concerns. And, for the most part, this tent should offer the backpacker just about anything they may need on a solo hike: good protection, easy setup, and such minimal size/weight you may not even notice it’s there.

Coleman’s Instant Camping Tent

Designed for roominess, luxury and convenience, this humungous cabin-style “Instant” cabin may be just what you need if you’re in the market for a no muss, no fuss solution for sheltering a large number of people (or a smaller number of people who value space), but be warned… if room for eight people, setup time of as little as a minute, and all the other features boasted of by the Coleman “Instant” sound too good to be true, you might be right.


The one thing that’s absolutely impossible to ignore about this model is its sheer size. With 140 square feet of floor space and a peak height of just under six and a half feet, you and your group will be camping in style. Add in two doors, seven huge windows for all-around visibility, and a room divider—great for separating kids from parents, giving couples a bit of privacy, or even just creating a comfortable space to change—and you’ve got a shelter fully engineered for convenience and comfort.

The term “instant tent” is no joke, either—by keeping the steel poles attached to the body, setup times of a just one minute (or even less, with some extra hands and a bit of practice) are easy to accomplish. Of course, keeping that much steel attached to the enormous amount of fabric necessary to form the body means that this model isn’t exactly light; it would be difficult to recommend except for car campers.Of course, you’ll want to make sure your group stays dry and comfortable, which is where Coleman’s years of experience in engineering sturdy wilderness gear will pay off.

Their WeatherTec system means heavy-duty proofing against wind and rain—150-Denier polyester is double the amount even in other WeatherTec products, and it’s all treated with weatherproof coating and combined with wicking thread to help fend off condensation. The manufacturer is so confident in their product, they claim that it doesn’t even need a rain fly, though one is sold separately for the especially cautious.

And, in case you’re worried about such a heavy material turning your abode into a sauna, the seven windows are supplemented by discreet ceiling vents to help heat escape out the top when necessary. Additionally, a welded floor of waterproof material, with seams inverted to help reinforce a common entry point for water on the ground.


The header of this section was not chosen accidentally—as remarkable as the design and construction of the “Instant” may be, it does rely on many small parts, often made of plastic and prone to torqueing and breaking. A huge, heavily-constructed shelter with extra-thick materials and sturdy steel poles that can be undone by the snap of a tiny plastic hinge is an item with a real Achilles’ heel.

What’s worse, it’s a downfall that’s very easy for new owners, who may not be familiar with the precise methods of setting up and breaking down the tent, to stumble into, ruining their purchase before they really have a chance to enjoy it. Even those steel poles—with steel often considered the most rugged and ideal pole material for those who don’t mind the weight—could be undone by the plastic connection points.

As they say, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and many users complain that this model has some very weak links.More exasperating still, reviews abound that reference Coleman’s subpar customer service, especially as regards replacing small, broken parts. With many of the plastic hinges and other finicky little items difficult or impossible to replace (i.e. rarely restocked or outright no longer sold), buyers are advised to be very delicate with their tent, especially while getting the hang of setup and breakdown. Just because you can set it up in a minute doesn’t mean it might not be wise to take it slow the first time or two.


The Coleman “Instant” offers a great deal of luxury, industry-leading weatherproofing (though remember, the savvy camper always reinforces seams, purchases a footprint, and gives their new purchase at least one night in a backyard to see how it holds up), and exceptional ease of use all at a very attractive price. That said, go slow—getting the full value of your purchase means keeping it in good condition. Enjoy!

Suisse Sport Yosemite Camping Tent

Every camper knows that there are many things to consider when purchasing gear, including—first and foremost—their own needs. After all, if everybody needed the same things, there wouldn’t be nearly so many options to choose from. The right tent to bring out into the Catskill Mountains during early spring may have no real resemblance to one suitable for backpacking in Arizona summers, and that’s even before you factor in the size of your group & the amount of gear you’ll need, how long you intend to stay out, and countless other variables.This may not be the shelter every adventurer needs, but there’s certainly plenty it gets right.


Spacious in all three dimensions— a pleasant change of pace for taller trekkers, to be sure—the Yosemite is marketed for up to five people, which is uncommonly large for a dome-style model. Of course, five is a lot for any abode, even one measuring 10x8x6 (LxWxH) and offering 80 square feet of floor space, and the divider that runs down the middle somewhat suggests two pairs of occupants. That said, four should find it downright roomy, including some area left over for gear.

That divider—a great way to get a bit of privacy, which can be rare and precious on wilderness excursions—is often touted as one a luxury most appreciated by Yosemite owners. More over, Suisse Sport committed to its design even harder by offering a kind of “double-d” modification on the standard d-shaped zipper doors that offers a separate doorway to each half. Even without the divider, this little bit of convenience can make getting in and out without disturbing fellow occupants much easier.

Of course, there are many things to consider when trying to keep 4-5 people cohabitating together happily in a confined space, so it also offers great ventilation through three large mesh windows and its mesh ceiling. The rain fly is designed to extend over the windows without smothering them, meaning that even with its additional protection you’ll still enjoy a good amount of ventilation. That breathability means you won’t have to trade keeping rain out for letting condensation in.For the amount of space and privacy, along with crucial weatherproofing items like a tough, tub-style floor to keep seams off of wet ground, quick-and-easy setup, and helpful features like a power access port to run cable into the shelter.


It’s important to mention before I continue with this section: the bad experiences mentioned are culled from around the internet. The vast majority of reviews are strongly positive, and every product is going to have a few defective models and receive some bad reviews. However, this model does seem to have a larger number of detractors than most, and as such it seems necessary to take their complaints seriously. Remember, however, that these problems were experienced by a small minority relative to many who genuinely enjoyed their product.

Common complaints include

  • A limited number of extra features like extra storage
  • Sparse, inadequate directions for setup, especially for attaching the rain fly
  • Flimsy poles, and a design that can leave the structure susceptible to high winds, overstressing the poles
  • Use of sleeves rather than clips to attach the poles
  • A rash of general manufacturing errors, leading to problems like leaky seams, tears by the corner of panels where the poles attach, and others

Remember, it’s always a good idea to set up your shelter in your backyard for a “trial run” before you bring it on your trip. After all, a defect could pop up in any shelter, and if so, you’ll want to know before you bring it out on your adventure. Many also encourage doubling down on existing weatherproofing by making after-market additions like seam tape and others.Additionally, and this may bother some campers more than others, Suisse Sport’s web presence is limited, bundled in with owner Exxel Outdoor’s website and offering little in the way of documentation or interactivity for prospective buyers to learn more.


Neither the most rugged nor the most full-featured available, the Suisse Sport Yosemite could still occupy a vital niche for more casual individuals or groups, who anticipate neither extreme weather nor prolonged time outdoors. It’s certainly sold at a price point attractive to those who don’t expect to spend a great deal of time in the wild, but more serious campers may be advised to look into more robust offerings.

Coleman’s Montana Camping Tent

Whether for a parent who places a premium on providing plenty of space, or even just a pack of pals, this pavilion is downright palatial.

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Wordplay aside, if you’re looking for space and comfort for a sizable group on your next excursion, the Montana is tough to beat. Well over 100 square feet of floor space mean that up to eight can sleep comfortably all in the same structure, though be warned—with no dividers separating the area into distinct rooms, you might want to be sure you’re very comfortable with all of the occupants.


Of course, this tent isn’t just about space. Anybody could manufacture one that’s big, but it takes true engineering to scale up the quality and durability of a top-of-the-line model to a larger surface area. After all, bigger means that more can go wrong; longer seams to spring leaks, more surface area to catch the wind, and so on. A genuinely solid cabin-style shelter doesn’t just fit eight people, it keeps them warm, dry and comfortable, and you’d better believe this one stands up.Coleman’s WeatherTec system doesn’t just mean quality materials like high-density polyester taffeta, it also assures the camper that no expense or effort has been spared in ensuring their comfort. Design choices like fully-taped and inverted seams, zipper cuffs, and an exterior that’s shaped to shear off wind all contribute to the heavy-duty weatherproofing.


Nobody wants to go out into the wilderness and have to spend time fighting their gear. This is especially true when setting up a shelter, which can become much more difficult depending on the design of the thing itself, as well as the local conditions. High winds and a complex set-up could combine to frustrate a camper before they’ve even had a chance to settle in!Clearly Coleman had that problem in mind when they designed the Montana, which for all its size is a breeze to set up with even just two people, and can even be done by one person alone.

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Another popular feature is the innovative hinged door,  which avoids the danger of a broken zipper—the downfall of many solidly-built abodess—by causing the door to snap shut into waiting Velcro connection-points. Of course, there is a zipper as well, when you want to provide that little extra bit of sealing to keep out bugs, but less need to use the zipper means less chance of it breaking, and that’s definitely a good thing.Many users are also very fond of the way the rain fly is designed to extend outward over the door. That doesn’t just mean more protection, it also provides a nice, shady spot to relax in, and is even big enough for a pair of folding chairs. When your camping gear comes with its own patio, you know you’re enjoying real luxury. In addition, there are similar overhangs extending out to the sides, rather than outright covering the expanses of highly-breathable mesh. As such, you’ll enjoy more airflow even with the fly deployed.And, for car-campers and others who want a little extra technology in their excursion, you’ll also find electrical access ports for easy connection to an outside power source.


It’s probably inevitable that a model with as many great features as this one would have some shortcomings too. With all its breathability, some find that it can be too hot with the fly on, and too cool with it off. Of course, you can’t please everybody, but a shelter that’s designed to fit up to eight should factor in how stifling sharing close quarters with a large number of people can be.Moreover, the lack of rear ventilation not only contributes to some peoples’ complaints about insufficient airflow, it can also create a structural weakness by exposing a large amount of surface area to strong winds. Additionally, in such conditions, the fly is all but necessary to help provide structural support to the body, which means a warm, windy day could get uncomfortable quickly.Finally, some complain that Coleman seems to have skimped on stakes—a risky thing, with a shelter that faces as much exposure to wind as this one does. For camping in windier seasons, stronger stakes may be advisable.


In our opinion, the Coleman Montana is capable of meeting most needs, and if you’re camping with a group, or plan to be outdoors for an extended period it’s hard to argue with all the space it has to offer. You can expect it to keep you warm and dry, and clever engineering has definitely mitigated common flaws like broken zippers and leaky seams. However, confronting the very toughest conditions may not be quite ideal, and any tent designed to fit eight people is going to face some real logistical and design issues. Still, if you’re looking for a pavilion-style offering, the Coleman has a lot to offer.

Kelty Salida Camping Tent

In 2011 the Kelty Salida was honored with the Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, and even a few years later it’s still easy to see why. It’s hard to find a piece of gear that elegantly combines ease of use and solid build with a great price-point, but this one pulls it off admirably. This Boulder-based business has a long history in manufacturing high-quality camping gear—its founder was a pioneer in developing aluminum-framed backpacks for civilian outdoor enthusiasts—and the Salida fully demonstrates that level of craftsmanship.

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Heavy polyester panels and rain fly, along with a nylon floor, make for great protection even in genuinely rough weather. That’s doubly impressive considering that the top half is entirely mesh. By combining the pleasure and ventilation provided by the open top with the weather-proofing you get with a fully-deployed heavy-duty rain fly, this model offers comfort in most any season you’d want to be outdoors in. Even when the weather turns unexpectedly or unseasonably nasty, the high standard of construction helps ensure that you’ll stay warm and dry, though you shouldn’t expect it to stand up against weight of heavy snowfall. Widely renowned for its sturdiness, an important factor when the tiniest tear can let rain in and ruin a trip, you can expect your Salida to hang tough through many adventures.


Another aspect that can be appreciated by both beginners and veteran outdoorspeople is the almost unbelievably easy setup process. User comments all around the internet abound with similar stories—set up in just over a minute, set up in three minutes in the dark by the light of a lantern, and so on. Fully freestanding, based around two sturdy aluminum poles that attach to the shelter’s body with a series of clips that are so easy to attach you could practically do it with mittens on, this tent is a cinch even for less experienced campers. The rain fly also attaches via quick, easy, color-coded buckles with adjustable straps, so if the weather turns suddenly you won’t need to worry about fumbling around with an elaborate process to get it attached.


Of course, the Kelty isn’t perfect. For one thing, the low price point and emphasis on essential quality means some sacrifices in the realm of extras and features. For instance, interior storage is extremely limited, comprising gear pockets just large enough for a light or cell phone and a detachable overhead hammock that will cut somewhat into your available headroom. The single door can be inconvenient when sharing space (imagine your fellow camper having to crawl over you on their way to a late-night bathroom excursion), and in general could be a snug fit for two, especially with gear included—despite being sold as a two-person model, many advocate it as ideal (if perhaps a bit heavy) for solo backpacking.Additionally, while the tent’s build is top-notch, some of the peripheral items are somewhat more questionable. For instance, the plastic tighteners for the exterior guy out lines are superfluous and can actually fray the lines themselves. Also, the spikes for grounding the tent (again, as a freestanding model, they’re not needed to erect the structure itself, only to help steady it against strong wind etc.) are made of aluminum rather than a tougher metal like steel, which can ding and even bend if driven into hard ground. Many owners have reported opting to replace the packaged spikes with higher-quality ones, which can make your purchase a bit pricier.


In short, the Kelty Salida may not have everything that you could want in a tent, but it offers just about everything you need, convenience that’s second to none, and a price point that should be attractive to just about anybody.

Hilleberg Anjan 3 GT Camping Tent

For any camping tour or hunting plan, you will need a backpacking tent to stay inside it safe and sound.

Hilleberg Tentmakers provide you the best three-season backpacking tent.

This is the tent that you would love to use. The features and benefits of the Hilleberg three-season backpacking tent are enormous.

 Features of Hilleberg Backpacking Tent

The Hilleberg 3 GT three-season tent is a lightweight and easy to carry the tent. Its weight is measured and is not a very heavy kind of stuff.

You can carry it on your back anywhere comfortably.

The Hilleberg three-season backpacking tent is easy to pitch in the ground.

You don’t have to put a lot of effort to set it on the ground. Its ropes are more durable with having metal friction adjusters.

This combination of metal adjusters and more durable thin ropes make it a good to go stuff.

The best thing about Hilleberg’s backpacking tent is that its interior is spacious. It provides a space of around 30 square feet.

Space is enough for two occupants. Two can comfortably live inside the tent.

Its peak height is 41 inches, which is plenty of room for you and your camping partner.

As the inside area is comfortable and large, it gives an excellent inside view. Hilleberg backpacking tents have a window option too. The window can be opened for better light as well as ventilation.

The Hilleberg backpacking tent’s inside area is full. It has one outer tent and one inner.

The outer tent is not connected to the ground. It paves the way for air to cross. However, the inner tent is connected to external, and its room is separated when its entrance is closed.

Hilleberg backpacking is a waterproof three-season tent. There is no need to worry if you are in a hilly, mountainous rainy area.

Hilleberg provides waterproof stuff in the backpacking tent. Water cannot cross the tent.

Which Fabric is used in Hilleberg Backpacking Tents?

The Fabric used in the Hilleberg backpacking tent is different from other market products. The very tents are made up of durable material.

Hilleberg tents are triple coated with Silicone fabric. This makes it sturdy and durable. Nobody in the market uses this Fabric.

Is it an Expensive Product?

Prices of Hilleberg backpacking tents are very affordable. It is an inexpensive product to buy. Looking at the quality that is provided, the price seems very reasonable for the customers.

Hilleberg tends to be the best in quality and affordable at rates.

With all these matchless features, Hilleberg’s backpacking tent becomes the best backpacking tent, which can be trusted anytime in any situation.

Hilleberg backpacking tents make your trips too smooth and enjoyable.