ThermaCell Scout Mosquito Repellent Camping Lantern

Camping in holidays sounds a great idea but, frustration followed by nasty mosquitos, turning my excitement into a disaster, candle, and torches don’t seem to work outside.

At the same time, spray and applicants might be allergic, messy, smelly, and unpleasant.

Well, I found a solution to all my problems “Thermacell Compact Scout Mosquito Repellant camp lantern,” my ultimate saver from bugs during my dream camping. It surrounds me by 15 feet mosquito repellant zone.

All fuel power Thermacell mosquito rappeler work in the same way. In short, I love the product, and it will be a must on my list for all of my outdoor activities.

Product features:

It is a small size of a full-size lantern. It has most of the features of a full-size lamp easily adjustable and portable. It has a dual effect of repellency, and light provision for my camping site, and the best part is that both functions independently of each other.

Even if the battery runs out, I don’t have to worry about its repellency power. It consists of 1 max life rappeler mat, one butane cartridge, and a Thermacell Trailblazer camp lantern. EPA evaluated it and ensured its safety and effectiveness.

Prominent features as a light

It is made up of durable ABS and rubber and is a water-resistant lantern

light is soothingly soft and prevents eye blinking. It has four different view setting low, medium, high and SOS

220 lumen gives me a run time of 40 hours on 4AA batteries (not included) on low setting and 10 hours on the high setting

Prominent features as a repellant

The compact scout lantern provides 15 feet bug-free zone to enjoy my outdoor

The bugs free unique protection zone is created by allethrin that is a synthetic copy of natural repellent extracted from Chrysanthemum flowers.

It comes with max life 12-hour repellency mat. It matches up with its butane cartridge one to one. The carpet has tabs on either side that make it easily adjustable without jamming it. Once I set the max life mat, I forget about it for the whole day or a full night.

How it works

An assembling guide is provided with each product however I assemble it with following steps

Remove the lantern from its base then remove the cartilage cap, insert it in the light and place it on the top

Slide the repellent mat into place

Rotate the collar to the on position and wait, then rotate the collar to the start position until it clicks and checks the flame window and bingo it is lit

Happy go dancing features

It creates an odor-free, DEET free and smoke-free environment. A hook on the bottom for hanging purpose as well as an AA battery, last but not least, a max life mat.

However, it had lots of priceless features, but I do have one concern, and that is the cost of the consumables and refills for domestic use, although for camping, I consider it worth a mosquito-free environment.

I can now sit back and enjoy my relaxing campsite while smirking on tiny little bloodthirsty bug eyes waiting outside protection zone, sorry bugs, but I don’t let you feed on me.

North Face Berkeley Duffel Travel Bag For Camping

Traveling these days is as essential as anything else.

You go to travel to the cities, different countries or sometimes the world. If not so, then at least you have to get to visit for official works a few times a year.

This makes traveling and traveling accessories essential for us too. One of the critical things you need when we go is an easy and portable luggage carrier. In simple words, you need a bag.

A handy and large size bag which can be enough for a different kind of stuff. However, there are a lot of pockets in the market.

Which one should you buy? What should be the ideal size of that bag? And what fabric of that bag should be?

Or maybe how many pockets should a bag have?

There are a lot of questions that come to mind when we think of a perfect travel bag.

Well, we have come up with a better option for you. The better choice for a traveler that we have is North Face Berkeley Duffel Bag.

What are the features of North Face Duffel Bag?

North face Berkeley duffel bag is larger than normal size American bags available in the market. It’s 10.5 x 23.5 x 12 inches in size.

Usually, the maximum size of an American bag is 9 x 14 x 12. The north face duffel bag has quite an ample space inside, and a lot of stuff can be put inside it.

Its weightage is 1 pound 13 ounces. In terms of liters, it has a capacity of 49 liters. It is made up of polymer.

The north face offers a lifetime warranty on all its products, including this duffel bag. The bottom is made of polyester fabric, which makes it more reliable to carry some heavy luggage inside it.

How is it different from other bags?

This product is different from other market bags. In terms of quality, we use high-quality fabric to give it maximum durability. The material on the front of the top offers your stuff protection from the rain.

On sides of the bag are two separate pockets. In these side pockets, you can put anything. For example, your wallet, passport, cards, or other small stuff can be put inside these pockets.

The bag has got two grip handles on the top, which is stitched nicely. The kit gives you the option to hold it tightly from different grips on its sides and top.

On the sides of the bag, there are two separate hideaway pockets. These pockets are bigger. You can keep your dirty shoes or dirty clothes in these pockets separately from your other stuff.

Up the bag is two large grip handle strips. They are nicely stitched from top to bottom.

There are two additional pocket type side spaces given in the bag. You can keep a water bottle inside them.

How is it from inside?

There are two large packing cubes given inside the bag. They are two in the same size. In one cube you can put your shirts, and in other, you can keep the jeans.

You can easily keep 4-5 packing cubes of the same size inside the bag. The inside material is grey polyester. Overall it’s an excellent bag for a traveler.

What’s its Price?

The price of this bag is 99 dollars. It is worth its cost. With its different fabric and bigger size, the north face provides you with the best kit available in the market.

Some of you might think that its size is larger than the regular bags. But, if you travel locally, usually you take a lot of stuff with you. For local traveling, this bag can be a perfect choice for you.

Kelly Kettle Camp Kettle Survival Stove | Unlimited Fuel!

In an outdoor survival situation, the right gear is crucial. You need practical gear, that’s easy to maintain, simple to use, lightweight, and serves multiple functions. The Kelly Kettle fills every one of these requirements and more.

No Fuel Carrying

The most exciting thing about the Kelly Kettle is that it eliminates the need to carry fuel. All you need are some pine needles, a few sticks, or any other burnable material.

Build a fire in the base, and the heat rising through the chimney in the kettle will boil a relatively large amount of water easily. Never worry about clean drinking water again with this system in your pack.

Great Design

The Kelly Kettle performs as well as a propane stove, and works better than some stoves in the winter. The simple design means you don’t have to carry fuel with you, or worry about running out.

It is also unlikely to break or wear down, since it has few moving parts, so you can be confident that your Kelly Kettle is ready when you need it.

The versatility offered by the Kelly Kettle makes it great for adventures big and small. It can be used as water storage, or to store utensils and other supplies.

It can also be used to cook hot dogs or small game, and provides hot water for freeze-dried meals. It can even be used to help start a larger fire, especially in damp or rainy conditions.

Simply get a fire going in the protected base of the kettle, and then transfer the coals over.

Just One Complaint

My only complaint with the Kelly Kettle is the rubber stopper. It is great at keeping water in, but can be difficult to remove. This was an intentional design, however, so the company can’t be blamed.

A screw cap system introduces the potential for an explosion, if the cap was accidentally left on during boiling.

The stopper, if not removed before boiling, will just pop out from the pressure. This reduces the risk of accidents.

So Many Options

There are several Kelly Kettle sizes available to meet your particular needs. The Base Camp model can boil 1.6 litres of water and is ideal for groups on camping or fishing outings.

The next size down is Scout, a 1.2 litre kettle great for small groups or families. For backpacking, kayaking, and other activities requiring a lightweight system the Trekker is available.

The Trekker can boil 0.6 litres of water, and is perfect for 1-2 people.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Kelly Kettle is perfect for any adventure. It works as well as a propane stove, and removes the need to carry fuel or worry about running out.

It performs multiple functions, which makes it ideal for survival situations, and there may even be a lightweight version coming out soon.

The Kelly Kettle now has a regular spot in my pack, and I would recommend that it become a part of yours too.

Camping Gear: Atsko Silicone Water Guard Extreme

Many of us must have experienced this situation before when you go camping and crawl into your tent. Suddenly, there is a thunderstorm, and it starts raining.

Soon after that, you feel that it’s wet inside your tent. Finally, you see that the very tent which was covering you from the rain starts leaking water.

So the next time you think of a similar situation while going on a camping trip, you make sure this does not happen again, and you search for a solution. You need not worry. We have found its answer. Atsko Water-Guard Extreme.

What is Atsko Water-Guard Extreme?

 The water guard extreme is made up of Silicone and Polymer formula. It has UV-block and Mildew block.

It is a protector that is good for clothing, footwear, tents, backpacks, outdoor furniture, patio furniture, and camping chairs, etc.

What are Features of the Atsko Water-Guard Extreme?

The water guard extreme protects different usable items. If you apply it in a tent, it waterproofs the tents and prevents them from water leakage.

The presence of Ultraviolet block in it protects different items. It protects the fading of color.

Moreover, a mildew block present in the water guard protects furniture and other outdoor elements from getting rotted.

How to use it?

It’s effortless to use the water guard extreme. One medium-size bottle of water guard spray is enough for a two-person size tent. It waterproofs tents.

You can spray it on the canvas or any other item that you want to protect from getting wasted.

Is it suitable for only smaller items?

If you think that whether this can be applied to the larger items or not? Then our answer is yes. The water guard extreme can be sprayed on the larger pieces as well. For example, you can apply it to wall tents.

They are bigger and are very expensive as well. So, to protect them from water and other decays, you can use pump sprays and apply the water guard on those items.

How long will it last?

While thinking of buying this product, one question might come into your mind. How long will it last? The answer is simple. Atsko water guard extreme can last for several years. It will take quite some time to breakdown.

The quality of the Atsko water guard is that it is long-lasting. Once sprayed on an item, it can last for a long time.

Is it worth its price?

It is worth it to spend some dollars on this product. This product gives protection and safety to many of your essential usable items. If you spray it on your details once, it will provide longevity and life to them.

Which is what our goal is. We want our product to be worthy of its price and beneficial for the customers.

You should buy the Atsko water guard extreme and try it on your tents, backpack outdoor furniture or footwear, etc.

Osprey Stratos 50 Day Pack For Camping

Every avid hiker needs the best backpack for hiking. The best backpacks make a lot of difference for the backpacker or hiker.

The quality of the backpack will surely be one thing on which the hiker can rely on. To bring the best bag for you, we have come up with Osprey Stratos 50 backpack.

This is the backpack that a backpacker needs while going on exploring the wilderness. The issue is to find a backpack that can fit into your budget and also be reliable for the backpacker.

Definitely, no hiker would like to see a backpack breaking or ripping apart since this can stop you or your gear from going farther.

So, if you are in search of a backpack for your next journey, you can have the best backpack from Osprey.

This is the brand name that you can easily trust and rely on.

Feature of Osprey Stratos 50 backpack

Osprey’s backpack is a multipurpose product. It is the best backpack for a hiker to go on a hiking site. Its size is medium-large, 3551 cubic inches. And 3.65 pounds is its weight.

Osprey backpack is an ideal material for one to carry with oneself for hiking. From the top, it has access to its bottom. At the top is the opening lad, which is the primary access to its floor.

Alongside this, there are side zippers as well. To keep or take anything out of the backpack, you don’t necessarily need to put your whole arm to reach the bottom.

Those two side accesses to the main compartment will make the job easy for you.

On the sides, it has got a big zipper pocket in the top lad. There is also a compartment at the back with a zipper. There is a critical holder right there that’s very helpful. Which you will like the most.

On the back, there is an external cargo. Not only is this foreign cargo for your jacket, but it also has a separate compartment. There is some more room to put in more stuff. Like you can keep the map inside, or the snacks, gloves or hat, etc.

There are leak holes on the back. In case of something leaks, it will not sit at the bottom but will leak from the vents.

On each side, there are water bottle holders. You can quickly put a bottle inside them. The whole container can fix them.

Below the bottom, you have a sleeping bag compartment. The twenty-degree bag fits nicely inside it.

Below this, you have a rain cover inside the zipper compartment. You can use the rain fly for your pack. Simply put that on your package to cover it from the rain. Osprey offers this rain cover in all of its bags.

On the back, you have an airspeed back panel. It’s is integrated nicely. It fits on your back perfectly while giving you airspace so that you don’t feel exhausted on the hot sunny day.

On the top are the shoulder straps. They are thick and comfortable and provide a firm grip on the shoulders.

What is the price of the Osprey backpack?

The price of an Osprey backpack is 190 dollars. The price is the same on Amazon and Osprey’s website. Looking at the features of the Osprey backpack, the price seems to be reasonable.

You will find Osprey backpack to be the best backpacks for your hiking journey. You will love this addition because it is highly rated, durable, lightweight, and adjustable.

Coleman Camp Oven | Portable Camping Stove

If you are an adventurous soul and love to travel than you must also be an avid camper.

Taking some off from the hectic routine and to go camping sometimes becomes mandatory.

While you prepare for camping, you must first make sure that you take all the prerequisites with you.

One such important thing that should not be forgotten is a Camp Oven.

Without a camp oven, your camping might go a little dull and unenjoyable.

A camp oven completes your camping journey in the best possible way.

Imagine being in a hilly area, where mountains are surrounding your existence, the river flowing alongside your tent, and you are on camping with one of your closest friends or your beautiful family.

Here, you will like to have some tasty food to eat. And, inevitably, for eating, you need to cook, bake and heat something that you already have prepared.

Feature of the Coleman Outdoor Oven?

For adding double delight to your camping, we bring you Coleman outdoor Oven. Coleman outdoor camping oven makes your camping journey more enjoyable.

It is the best portable Oven that one can have on the camp. Coleman camp oven has some of the great features. It is different from other same products in the market.

Coleman Camping Oven is portable and easy to carry. Inevitably, when you go on for camping less, you would want to take.

Our outdoor camping oven is reasonable in size, more comfortable to carry; you can fold it and put it inside a bag.

Another essential feature of Coleman Camping Oven is that it is user-friendly. Coleman Camping Oven is easy to understand and use.

It can be used without electricity and is easy to set up and use. It heats up quickly, and the grates can be set up at three different heights.

Coleman Camping Oven works with or without a campfire under it. This makes it to be the best outdoor camping oven.

Is this product worth its price?

Comparatively, Coleman Camping Oven’s price is reasonable. It is an inexpensive and affordable product.

We have set a standard price so that our buyers can buy it from the online stores at the most affordable price.

Our competitors are charging more than this with minimum quality and least options.

We have kept the prices low and maintained the quality bar for your convenience.

If you are interested in buying this great product, then don’t delay. You can buy it from the Coleman Camping stoves. You can also read the reviews.