Ripping Hog Hunting Stories

Ripping Hog Hunting Stories

“Less than 6 feet away stood a hulking leviathan, a 750-lb. wild pig slinging teeth and wearing five dogs.” Hank The Hunter loves reading great hog hunting stories. He came across a really great pig hunting story, you may have heard of it. “Killing Hogzilla: Hunting A Monster Wild Pig” About Michael Mims from Mississippi … Read more

Deer Sounds Scent And Body Language All You Need To Know

Deer Sounds Scent and body language

Deer use three main forms of communication. Deer make Sounds or use vocalization i.e deer talk (Hearing) They leave Scent which is a chemical means of communication (Smell) Deer will display various Postures i.e. the use of body language. (Sight) The following forms of deer communication are focused on whitetail deer. All deer species have … Read more

Wild Boar Facts (19 Interesting FAQ’s Answered)

In this article we will answer 19 frequently asked questions about wild hogs in the US. This invasive species continues to grow in population and distribution areas. With this expanding problem often the facts and myths get mixed up. These answers will help set the record straight. 1. Where Did Wild Boars Come From? Before … Read more

51 Of The Best Hunting Quotes Of All Time To Inspire You

hunting quotes

The Greatest Hunting Quotes To Inspire Your Hunters Soul These 51 greatest hunting quotes of all time sum up the deeper feeling we hunters have pursuing our love of hunting. They include sayings from other great hunters, famous hunting authors, Presidents, African proverbs and even Bible verses about hunting. As hunters we know the full range … Read more

11 Of The Best Hunting Jokes To Make You Laugh

hunting jokes

Do you like a good chuckle? Bring some of these hunting jokes out around the next campfire or sitting back on the porch after a long days hunt. Enjoy 11 of the best hunting jokes to make you laugh. WARNING: Excessive Laughing Scares Away The Deer! The Best Hunting Jokes To Make You Laugh If … Read more