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Aggressive Wild Turkeys Are Angry Birds; Ask The Postman

December 30, 2019
Turkey Dinner Cartoon

The Wild Turkey Fights Back With A Vengeance

Hank was doing some quiet internet browsing the other day, when he came across this article from the Washington Post.

Wild Turkey Menace: Angry birds are pecking cars, deflating kiddie pools and harassing the elderly.

Hmmm he thought – read and watch on. The wild turkeys are fighting back.

Check out this video first. Now that is one angry bird.

A great thing about this article is the reference point made by  Marcus Lashley, assistant professor in the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida in answer to the question,

“Why So Many Angry Birds?”

His response.

“When I talk to people, most don’t think of hunters being the drivers of conservation,” he said. “There’s an excise tax on hunting goods — guns and ammunition — and the money goes back into conservation at state agencies. And we wouldn’t have certain species if it weren’t for established bag limits.”

He further goes on to say

“The Lacey Act of 1900 that banned trafficking in illegal wildlife, and the Pittman-Robertson Act in 1937 which added an excise tax for guns and ammunition that provides federal aid to states for management and restoration of wildlife. More than $7 billion has been collected from manufacturers since enactment and made available to states.”

If you would like further insights on how hunters contribute to the USA

See This Infographic

​Did you know there are over 6.2 million Wild Turkeys in the US?

The message for us hunters is we should Advocate for more wild turkey hunting land opportunities.

If you are interested in or considering turkey hunting this article will tell you the 15 Best States For Turkey Hunting in the US.

You can also find out about the Grand Slam of turkey hunting and what you need to do to achieve this milestone.

Here is an interesting Turkey distribution map.

Wild Turkey Population Distribution Map

You can check your particular State’s Hunting Seasons Here as well as find links to all the relevant State Authorities websites.

After watching this wild turkey chasing the poor mail Truck, Hank, being a curious sort of fellow did some more web surfing and came across this Scientific American article.

Wild Turkeys: Marvel or Menace?

The highlight of this article must be a quote from Benjamin Franklin saying that Wild Turkeys would “not hesitate to attack a Grenadier of the British Guards who should presume to invade his Farm Yard with a Red Coat on.”

That reminds Hank of Homer Simpson’s perfect reasoning for increased gun ownership.

“To keep the Queen of England out of your face”

It is funny isn’t it when you start reading a hunting article all of the rabbit holes it can lead you down?

So that is it from Hank for now.

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Hank The Hunter