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How To Know The Best Place To Shoot A Hog

April 11, 2018
best place to shoot a hog

Do you want to know the secret on the best place to shoot a hog?

Wild Hog Wallow

This guide will show where to shoot a hog so it drops first time every time.

Guide To The Best Place To Shoot A Hog

A wild hog is one very tough mother… Knowing the best place to shoot a hog with a bow or a rifle is critical if you want a quick clean kill.

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I recommend you watch this video first on wild hog shot placement.

It is THE Best on youtube for its detail.

The Wild Hog Headshot 1

If the boar or wild pig is broadside to you then aiming for the ear is the best headshot to take. This will allow the bullet or broadhead to penetrate the neck area resulting in a quick clean kill.

It is not a long-range shot to take due to the relatively small target zone.

Rest assured once the target is successfully hit your hog will drop on the spot.

Wild Hog Ear Shot

The Wild Hog Headshot 2

If the boar or wild pig is looking straight at you then a front on headshot is required.

This shot is a little harder as wild pigs have fairly small brains. A well-placed front on head shot will hit the

brain dropping the hog instantly.

Make sure you have the right sized bullet or broadhead to do the job of breaking through the tough skull.

A .22 will not break a mature hog’s skull with any degree of certainty. (Go for the earshot above if using a .22 is my advice).

Wild Hog Head On Shot

The Wild Hog Heart and Lung Vitals Shot

Hitting the shoulder to pierce the heart and lung vitals of your wild boar is a great broadside shot to take.

For all you deer hunters, aim slightly lower than you normally would as this will ensure you hit the heart and lung target zone.

Wild Hog Heart and Lungs Shot

The Wild Hog Neck Shot

The neck area of your wild hog is a great place to aim for as it is a sizable target.

 It is also perfectly placed between the head and shoulder shot zones described above.

If the boar moves slightly just as you fire there is a very good chance you will land a shoulder or head shot blow.

Hitting the neck has 2 main benefits.

Firstly, a well-placed neck shot will break the spine of the hog resulting in a quick clean kill.

Secondly, even if the wild pig is not immediately dropped, it will be immobile allowing a quick follow up shot to complete the job.

Wild Hog Neck Shot

General Wild Hog Hunting Tips

Wild pigs, boars or hogs (whatever your preference to call them is), tend to move around constantly so it is

important to practice some patience and wait for a clear shot.

A wild hog is a very tough animal and a standing in front of a charging boar is not a place to be.

Remember wild pigs love to wallow around in the mud so once this is dried you will need enough punching power to make sure your well-placed shot meets its mark.

Wild Hog Wallow

So take your time, and make the shot count.

I hope this guide as provided some insight for you on the best place to shoot a wild hog. Why not get out there now and start?

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