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Hank The Hunter Dick’s Sporting Goods May End Sales Of Hunting Gear

December 1, 2018
hank the hunter dicks sporting goods

Howdy, Hank the Hunter wasn’t too happy when he read this article.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Is Considering Removing Hunting Supplies From All Its Stores.

Article Sources

WFMZ- TV News:- read full article here

abc 7 Chigago eyewitness news:- read full article here 

“According to multiple reports, the nation’s leading sporting goods retailer is mulling the possibility of ditching sales of all hunting gear.”

Hank:- Thanks a lot Dick.

“”They want to get rid of .. guns it’s one thing. Getting rid of all hunting apparel? That’s kind of stupid. That’s going way overboard,” said Anthony Rodriguez”

Hank:- Exactly.

“Store officials said they did a test by ending sales of hunting gear at 10 stores to see what the results would be. It’s not clear where those 10 stores were located.”

Hank:- Good way to piss off your customers.

“The store replaced its hunting merchandise with a different assortment of baseball, licensed products, and outerwear.”

Hank:- What next?-  Are they going to start selling tea sets and cupcake recipe books.

“Sales were down for the company last quarter, declining 4.5 percent.”

Hank:- And likely to continue if you drive away some of your best customers.

Hank:- Another retailer turning their backs on the outdoors hunting community.

Check out this infographic on what hunting contributes to the economy.

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