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Hunter Talks Down 250lb Black Bear

June 11, 2019
Hunter Talks Down Black Bear

First Time Hunter Talks Down 250lb Black Bear

A first time hunter politely asks a 250lb Black Bear to get out of his tree stand.

Watch Bryan Reber in Alberta Canada Calmly Reason With A Black Bear

Hank the Hunter found this story hilarious.

Bryan Reber was out hunting in Alberta, Canada when this 250lb Black Bear was found sitting in his tree stand.

Instead of moving off or panicking, Bryan decides to politely ask the bear to get down.

“You need to get down.”

“There’s not enough room”

“We both ain’t gonna fit” claims Bryan.

Black Bear looks…. understands the instructions….and climbs down!

“Thank You” replies Bryan.

Well done Bryan Reber.


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Video source Digg