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Hunters Feeding The Hungry Donate Venison Missouri

March 30, 2019
Hunters Feeding The Hungry

Missouri Hunters Feeding The Hungry.

259,414 Pounds Of Venison Donated

Source: Daily Star Journal

Hank loves a feel good news story and here is a great one. Hunters feeding the hungry.

Deer hunters of Missouri donate 259,414 pounds of venison to the share the harvest program in 2019. 

This included a huge number of whole deer, 4,855 of them to be precise. Supported by over 100 meat processors the venison was ground and donated in easy to use packaging.

“The donated deer meat goes to local food banks and food pantries to help feed hungry Missourians all around the state.

Since the program was started in 1992, Share the Harvest has provided more than 4 million pounds of lean, healthy venison to help feed hungry Missourians, including this past season’s donations and 289,292 pounds of venison donated the year before.

Hunters started Share the Harvest because they saw a need in their communities and hunters remain the driving force behind this popular program that helps feed our fellow Missourians who are in need,” said MDC Director Sara Parker Pauley. “We sincerely thank the thousands of deer hunters who support Share the Harvest, along with the many participating meat processors and sponsors who help make it possible.”

Source: Daily Star Journal

Hunters Feeding The Hungry Get Involved

Getting involved in this great program is easy.

Here is a summary of the information from the Missouri Department of Conservation. 

Check their website for the full benefits and details on how the program operates.

How Do Hunters Donate Venison?

It’s simple to donate your venison harvest.

Hunters take their deer to an approved processor and tell them how much meat they wish to donate. 

You can donate some of your venison or even the whole animal. The processor packages and stores the venison until it is sent to a distribution agent.  The agent then sends the processed meat to where there is the biggest need for this valuable resource.

Why Share Your Harvest?

Children need a good wholesome diet for proper growth and development.  Adults require a proper diet to maintain good health.

The Ultimate Guide To Wild Game Nutrition Infographic

Unfortunately many Missourians families can not afford or can not get access to proper nutritious food. The Share the Harvest program provides a way for hunters from Missouri to help those in need.

Who Gets The Meat?

Any Missourian who is in need of it.

Families simply contact a distribution agent who will then allocate the venison as it becomes available.

Processing Costs

Assistance with any processing costs are available during the firearms and bow deer seasons. 

Processors are able to reduce costs to hunters because The Conservation Federation of Missouri reimburses processors an amount for each whole deer donated. Local funds are also available so the venison maybe processed for free or at reduced cost.

Sponsors: Hunters Feeding The Hungry

Share The Harvest Program Missouri

There are some great sponsors to this program that help keep the costs incredibly cheap. These sponsors include the following:

The Missouri Conservation Department, (MDC), Shelter Insurance, Bass Pro Shops, the Conservation Federation of Missouri, (CFM), Whitetails Unlimited, Missouri Chapter Safari Club International, Missouri Chapter National Wild Turkey Federation, Drury Hotels, Midway USA Inc., Missouri Deer Hunters Assoc. and Missouri Food Banks Association.

Hank the Hunter offers a big congratulations to all of them.

If you are a member of a hunting organization in Missouri you can get your club or organization involved.

See The Missouri Conservation Department to get the full details on how your organization can help with this program.

This is another great example of how hunters have contributed to the well-being of America.

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Please  share this good news story even if you are not from Missouri.

Hank will keep his eyes open for similar programs from other states and share the results with you.

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