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Hunting Articles

October 13, 2018


As hunters, we love to spend our time in the wilderness.

But what about when we are not out on the hunt?

We read watch and listen to hunting articles, news, and videos.

Here will find some great articles all about hunting. From true-life stories, jokes, and humor from Hank the Hunter as well as inspirational quotes, poems and everything between.

Of course nothing beats sitting back with your favorite hunting magazine and a nice cold beverage so check out this list of Deer Hunting Magazines To Subscribe To.

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Hunting Stories

There are some amazing hunting stories out there and we are expanding our collection of hunting articles from all around the world. Reading and learning from other hunters is an invaluable way to improve your own hunting ability as well to expand your knowledge on the many interesting aspects of our chosen past time.

Hank The Hunter

Hank is an average guy who loves his hunting and everything about the hunting way of life. He can be a bit rude from time to time. He certainly does not believe in any political B.S.

Hank the hunter makes regular contributions to our site when he sees something he finds interesting, funny or down right stupid. I don’t apologize to anyone that Hank may offend, it is simply his way.

To quote Hank

“Have you noticed the mainstream media is getting more and more anti-hunting and anti-gun? It is important we stand up for our rights and I do that by making fun of their ignorance and stupidity….I will definitely piss off the tree hugging vegan greeny brigade.”

Hunting Quotes

From Fred Bear and Ernest Hemingway to Theodore Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold these master hunters can all give us some wise words of wisdom. If you are into your hunting lifestyle then take the words of these hunting legends and commit them to memory. As I come across great hunting quotes that give me inspiration I will share them here with you.

The Hunting Life Facts And Figures

Hunting contributes so much to the community in so many ways. As a lover of facts and figures I regularly research our contributions to the world and set them out in easy to read infographics. Take a moment to see the valuable impact we have on the wider community. It is also a good way to arm yourself against the ignorant greeny brigade.

The Hunting Life Code Of Conduct And Ethics

All true hunters live by a strong code of conduct usually developed over many years. Possibly no greater example exists than Fred Bear – master hunter and outdoorsmen. I share my code of conduct and ethics with others in the belief the more we promote our strong affinity with nature the better people we will all become. This section shares those hunting ethics and codes of conduct gathered from hunters I admire and respect