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Interesting Hunting Facts You Should Know

May 6, 2018
Hunting facts

Here is an infographic of interesting hunting facts you should know. As hunters we spend a lot of time talking about the latest gear, the best time of year to hunt and where to plan our next hunting trip.

What we often do not realize is the massive contribution we hunters make to the economy. This list of interesting hunting facts you should know is a great reminder that our chosen past time delivers huge benefits to many others.

Real Hunting Facts You Should Know

Did you know just in state and federal taxes hunters pay each year, the government could employ over 100,000 firefighters for a year?

So next time one of those morally high and mighty conservationists, anti-hunting types criticizes our chosen lifestyle remind them of a few of these benefits and ask what their chosen group has contributed to the economy and well-being of America. Even better give them a copy of this with the words hunting facts you should know.

Stayed tuned I will publish another TRUE factual guide on hunter wildlife conservation benefits for you soon.

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