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Introducing Hank The Hunter

August 5, 2018
Hank the hunter

Hank The Hunter Is Here

Howdy, I’m Hank the Hunter or more like Hank the Average Hunter.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I love hunting that’s for sure, I don’t always get it perfect that’s for sure to.

To me hunting is something I grew up with. It has taught me a lot about the natural environment, wildlife, conservation, fitness and mental strength. In fact hunting has taught me a lot about life in general because I’ve made many mistake along the way.

I’m no hardcore solo backcountry packer that goes on 5-day hikes. The old legs just aren’t up to it anymore, but I am always looking for the next adventure. Maybe stalking deer, taking out some feral hogs, a good ol turkey shoot. If I save my pennies I love to go to international hunting destinations like Africa and Australia.

When not hunting, (or working to go hunting), you will find me:-

Reading books & magazines about hunting;

Planning hunting trips;

Watching youtube videos or listening to podcasts about hunting.

Drives the wife crazy I’m sure.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of fake news so I’ve come to to share my thoughts on some of these stories.

See I don’t react well to greeny b.s.

Have you noticed the mainstream media is getting more and more anti-hunting and anti-gun. It is important we stand up for our rights and I do that by making fun of their ignorance and stupidity.

Now readers of know Paul is a big promoter of everyone improving their hunting skills. For example, how to make a good clean one shot kill. Developing and implementing a strong set of hunting ethics. Sharing your hunting knowledge with youngsters. The benefits of eating wild game for your personal well-being.

Now I’m warning you I’ll make plenty of comments that you may not don’t agree with – tough

I will definitely piss off the tree hugging vegan greeny brigade.

So thanks Paul for letting me post my rants, comments and thoughts on your website. Readers, enjoy and I hope you get a laugh or two along the way.


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