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Hank The Hunter Is Here

Hank the hunter

Howdy, I’m Hank the Hunter or more like Hank the Average Hunter.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I love hunting that’s for sure, I don’t always get it perfect that’s for sure to.

To me hunting is something I grew up with. It has taught me a lot about the natural environment, wildlife, conservation, fitness and mental strength. In fact hunting has taught me a lot about life in general because I’ve made many mistake along the way.

I’m no hardcore solo backcountry packer that goes on 5-day hikes. The old legs just aren’t up to it anymore, but I am always looking for the next adventure. Maybe stalking deer, taking out some feral hogs, a good ol turkey shoot. If I save my pennies I love to go to international hunting destinations like Africa and Australia.

When not hunting, (or working to go hunting), you will find me:-

Reading books & magazines about hunting;

Planning hunting trips;

Watching youtube videos or listening to podcasts about hunting.

Drives the wife crazy I’m sure.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of fake news so I’ve come to to share my thoughts on some of these stories.

See I don’t react well to greeny b.s.

Have you noticed the mainstream media is getting more and more anti-hunting and anti-gun. It is important we stand up for our rights and I do that by making fun of their ignorance and stupidity.

Now readers of know Paul is a big promoter of everyone improving their hunting skills. For example, how to make a good clean one shot kill. Developing and implementing a strong set of hunting ethics. Sharing your hunting knowledge with youngsters. The benefits of eating wild game for your personal well-being.

Now I’m warning you I’ll make plenty of comments that you may not don’t agree with – tough

I will definitely piss off the tree hugging vegan greeny brigade.

So thanks Paul for letting me post my rants, comments and thoughts on your website. Readers, enjoy and I hope you get a laugh or two along the way.


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