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Ripping Hog Hunting Stories

September 8, 2018

“Less than 6 feet away stood a hulking leviathan, a 750-lb. wild pig slinging teeth and wearing five dogs.”

Hank The Hunter loves reading great hog hunting stories.

He came across a really great pig hunting story, you may have heard of it.

“Killing Hogzilla: Hunting A Monster Wild Pig”

About Michael Mims from Mississippi killing a massive pig.

If you also love hearing great pig hunting stories check this one out from Chris Bennett. Farm Journal, Technology and Issues Editor at It is filled with action, bravery, madness and of course a genuine monster hog.

“Less than 6 feet away stood a hulking leviathan, a 750-lb. wild pig slinging teeth and wearing five dogs.”

So what does Michael do he grabs a bowie knife. This guy is either awe-inspiring, mad or maybe a bit of both.

As far as hog hunting stories go, this gripping adventure started in 2001. Rumors of a monster hog began circulating the local farming community.

It begins off with a friend of Michael’s, a guy named Mike Parker spotted a 350lb boar in a soybean field.

After popping it with the 7mm the wild pig took off into the bean cover

While looking for this big pig Mike comes across a real monster hog – a 650lb sow which was promptly dispatched.

This sent Michael Mims on the quest for the rumored Hogzilla and is the backbone of this amazing hog hunting adventure.

The trail goes cold for a couple of years. Then in 2013 Michael Mims gets a call that a monster pig – Hogzilla has been spotted again.

“When you see this hog, you think it ain’t real; ain’t happening. It looked like something from another world and I was afraid we were all fixing to get killed.” Michael Mims

Now the story of this rather intimdating hog hunt gets very interesting. The battle between hog, man and dogs flying through the air begins.

With dogs hanging onto the pig’s ears and the pig’s balls, there was no way the giants hogs back legs could be lifted to allow a lung stab.

Here is Michael’s take on how a wild hog will fight back during the hunt

“They fight from the time they’re babies, geared to survive no matter what. Those teeth are razors and they hit where they aim.”

As this gripping hog hunting story continues, two hunters, Michael, and his dad, attack from the top of the boar to get to the vitals.

Over 30mins of  fighting this colossal hog monster is finally down.

2 years after the first sighting

To really get the feel of how this big boar chase went down you need to read the full article.

Find it here on are also some amazing photos of this monster pig

All credit to Micheal Mims for this formidable piece of hunting.

Full credit for this hog hunting story goes to Chris Bennett from Farm Journal at

And the best bit.

Mims is sure Hogzilla has sons that are out there and they are possibly even bigger.

More hog hunting stories ready to be made.

Bacon anyone?

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