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Ten Commandments Of Hunting By Fred Bear Infographic

September 28, 2018
Ten Commandments of Hunting Fred Bear

The ten rules of hunting by One of the greatest hunters of all time. Fred Bear. Considered a pioneer in modern bow hunting these ten commandments of hunting are rules all hunters should commit to memory.

Fred Bear was a common man just like me and you. His simple approach to hunting and life earned him the respect of hunters worldwide. These ten commandments of hunting are a treasure trove of wisdom gained over years of hunting experience. Why? because of their simplicity and practicality for any hunter whether that be with a rifle or a bow and arrow.

I guarantee that if you apply these ten hunting rules of Fred Bear every time you hunt then your level of success will improve. Learn from the legends and there is no greater than Fred bear master hunter.

So without further ado here are the ten commandments of hunting by master hunter Fred Bear. There is also an infographic for you at the end.

Fred Bear’s Laws Of Hunting

  • 1Don’t step on anything you can step over.
  • 2Don’t look for deer, look for movement and remember it’s what they’re looking for, too.
  • 3Always approach from downwind. In the cool of the day, move uphill; in the heat of the day, move downhill.

  • 4The best camouflage pattern is called, “Sit down and be quiet!” Your grandpa hunted deer in a red plaid coat, think about that for a second.
  • 5Take only the gear to the field that allows you to hunt longer, harder, smarter.
  • 6
A rainstorm isn’t a reason to quit the hunt, it’s a reason to stay.
  • 7Camouflage your appearance, your sound, and your scent.
  • 8
Be sure of your shot. Nothing is more expensive than regret.

  • 9Hunt where the deer actually are, not where you’d imagine them to be.
  • 10Next year’s hunt begins the minute this season’s hunt ends.

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Ten Commandments Of Hunting Infographic

These ten commandments of hunting are just as useful today as they were 40 plus years ago. I love the fact they are true to the spirit of the hunt. Man in the wilderness.

Save this infographic or print it out and commit these ten commandments of hunting by Fred bear to memory.

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