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Wild Game Recipes

October 13, 2018

wild Game Recipes

Harvesting your wild game meat is only the first step. You also have to be able to butcher and then cook the meat. Through different cooking methods and using some creative recipes, you will whip up a delicious dinner for your family and friends to enjoy.

Here you will find all the information you need on the nutritional benefits of wild game meat and of course sensational recipes to enjoy.

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Types Of Wild Game To Cook

There are all kinds of animals that are hunted for game, depending on where you live in the world. As this site keeps developing we will cover more and more types of game meat and provide you with mouth-watering recipes to savor.

One of the most common forms of game that a lot of hunters go after are rabbits. A lot of hunters, me included, get started hunting rabbits with a simple pellet gun.

Once you master the ability to make a rabbit stew you will be hooked on eating wild game!

Another form of wild game meat that is popular among all hunters is pheasant. Hunting pheasant is particularly common in the United Kingdom, but it is practiced in other parts of the world as well. The US has some great pheasant hunting states such as Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska just to name a few.

You can’t complete a hunting season without going after some good old wild duck. One of the most popular and fan favorite’s duck to hunt is the Mallard duck. Mallards are a dream come true for many hunters due to their physical appearance and awesome taste.

Deer meat, venison, is probably my favorite wild game meat. It is also one of the healthiest forms of game to eat. It provides one of the “Great Hunting” challenges know to mankind and can be cooked and served up in so many different ways. From Spicy Deer Jerky to Venison Breakfast Sausages there is a venison recipe for everyone.

Elk and Antelope are similar to deer in cooking methods, namely of the recipes for venison can be easily adapted for your Elk or Antelope harvest.

When hunting in Zimbabwe a few years back I was introduced to Impala livers. Not something I would normally think of eating and certainly not a snack you will see on the menu at your local restaurant. The taste – Sensational.

Wild boar or pig is another favorite of mine. An interesting fact about this game meat is the change in flavor you can experience between different seasons and hunting regions. All depending on what the boar or pig has been feeding on. Cure your own bacon, enjoy some ribs or slow cook the whole leg for a family feast.

Crumbed and pan-fried wild turkey meat must be tried to be believed. Fried wild turkey steak with homemade gravy is another favorite. And for those cold winter nights, wild turkey soup is perfect.

Bison and Buffalo make great burgers and meat loaf and you haven’t lived until you have tried buffalo chili.

Black Bear steaks anyone? How about some Beaver?

The types of wild game meat to cook is huge, so to the number of recipes to try.

We are constantly expanding our wild game meat recipes for you. Bookmark this site and stay tuned for more exciting and delicious ways to enjoy your hard won harvest.

Cooking Methods For Game Meat

There are many different methods that you can use for cooking wild game.

If you have the time and the equipment smoking is a fantastic way to cook and preserve your game meat. In cooking, smoking is exposing the meat to a form of smoke for purposes such as flavoring, browning, cooking, or preservation.

You should consider the idea of marinading your meat in a salty brine for a few hours before putting the meat on the smoker.  Cook the meat low and slow. Keeping the meat on the smoker for a longer period of time lessens the amount of moisture inside the meat and also keeps it saltier. Both of these factors will lengthen the preservation time for the meat.

Besides smoking, another method for cooking wild game is to sear or pan fry the meat. The outside surface of the meat will become a crusted brown color when cooked at a high temperature. The purpose of searing meat is all about creating a flavor profile. As soon as the meat hits the pan, the sizzling creates a caramelization on the outside. All the lovely juices are kept inside resulting a wonderful moist steak.

Roasting, done in an uncovered pan in the oven is suitable for many types of wild game meat. Turkey makes a great roast as we all know.

Using a meat grinder or mincer particularly on some tougher cuts of meat will have you whipping up venison burgers in no time. Remember to add some extra fat as wild game meat is generally much lower in fat content compared to store bought beef or lamb.

Another method that you can use to cook your wild game meats is braising. This is a technique that involves cooking the meat to a brown color in the pan using oil, followed by cooking it in a tightly covered pan with a small amount of liquid. The purpose of this is to develop flavor and make tough meats more tender.

Look through the recipes and you are sure to find a cooking method that’s easy to make at home or perhaps one you may not have thought to try before.

Nutritional Value of Game Meat

When it comes to red meats, meat coming from wild game tends to be healthier for us to consume.

More specifically meat from deer, elk, and antelope is leaner than other meats such as beef and lamb due to the more active lifestyle wild game leads. The diet of a wild animal also means they carry less fat than farmed meat. Compare the diet of a wild deer grazing on a variety of plants compared to a typical cow fed largely on grains.

Another perk of eating wild game is the fact that you do not need to worry about pharmaceuticals or antibiotics in your foods. There are also no hormones added to these proteins.

No pink slime like you find in plastic wrapped packaged meats!

The majority of wild game meat also has fewer calories and lower cholesterol levels compared to standard beef. Wild game is an excellent source of protein and omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids (these are good fatty acids) plus a large dose of minerals all adds to healthy wild game nutrition.

Based on scientific data from the United States Department of Agriculture, this Ultimate Guide To Wild Game Nutrition infographic will help you better understand the many other benefits you get as a hunter in eating wild game meat, in addition to all the exercise and fresh air of being outdoors when harvesting your animal.


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