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Your Sure Fire Hunting Fitness Training Guide

July 5, 2018
hunting fitness training

Fitness Training Workouts For Hunters And Outdoors People

This article gives you the 3 key types of hunting fitness training needed to get into peak hunting state with simple “Do It At Home” Video Examples.

Millions and millions of people enjoy the great outdoors doing a wide range of activities from hunting, hiking, boating, and camping. While most people do these things for relaxation, in order to get the most enjoyment out of all of the things that you do outside, it is helpful to be in good shape.

This is especially true for hunters and hikers who find themselves out in the wilderness often for very long periods of time.

For a long days’ hunt or for when a new or difficult situation arises you need to have the ability to do things you would not normally have to do. This is not saying you need to sign up at your local CrossFit gym or go hardcore and pack on a bunch of muscle.

These hunting fitness training workouts are all suitable for beginners. You do not need to be some hardcore fitness dude to do these exercises and to improve your hunting fitness.

Unique Physical Conditioning For Hunters And Outdoors People

When it comes to physical conditioning all activities are unique in their own ways and all require the ability to perform differently.

Unlike athletes that compete in a wide range of sports that require them to be strong, agile and in extreme physical condition, outdoors people need to be able to perform their activities over long periods of time and often in adverse weather conditions.

This normally means weight training that packs on a lot of muscle is not likely going to help a hunter be able to track an animal that they shot.

It also is not likely going to help a hunter be able to carry a heavy backpack for hours of hiking without causing too much physical discomfort. Muscle doesn’t necessarily mean stamina.

So, as hunters who perform a range of outdoor activities, there is likely going to be one or more type of physical conditioning program that will work for you.

Finding A Good Hunting Fitness Workout Program

When it comes to selecting the best workout program for hunter fitness that will help you the most it is important to look at exactly what type of things that you are looking to do when you are outdoors.

Once you have decided that, you then can figure out what kinds of exercise routines that will help to target each one of the areas that would be impacted.

Types Of Workouts Available For Hunter Fitness Training

Weight Training – Weight training is one when you perform a series of movements that target specific muscles in your body using weights or machine to provide extra resistance. The more resistance you provide the muscles the greater growth you will see. Note: You do not need to bulk up excessively in order to get the most benefits from this routine.

Body Weight Training Routines – Like weight training, body weight exercises use resistance to the movement as a way to help the specific muscles of the body to grow. There are a whole lot of different types of body weight routines that can be extremely helpful for your efforts. Most bodyweight routines can be easily done in your living room since there is no special equipment needed to perform them.

Cardiovascular Training – One of the best ways to be prepared for a long hunt and carryout would be cardiovascular workouts. Most of these types of activities require a high level of motion, this requires a lot of lung capacity. The best way to improve your hunting experience is to be in much better cardiovascular shape.

There is no better way to do this than cardiovascular workouts.

Selecting A Good Workout Routine For Hunter Fitness Training

There are so many different ways that you can get the benefits of each of the above-mentioned weight training, body weight training and cardiovascular. Here are some examples of each of the three types of hunting workouts.

Weight Training – Weight training can be accomplished in two ways; free weights and machine weights. Machine weights generally require you to find a local gym and free weights can be done in either a gym or your home.

Weight training that focuses on all parts of your body will help you dramatically during outdoor activities. However, you don’t need to do any hardcore weightlifting.

Doing just enough to improve muscle tone will be plenty to improve your hunting physical conditioning.

There is a great video at the end of this article to demonstrate a simple weight training routine as part of your hunting fitness training program.

Body Weight Training – When it comes to bodyweight training you do not need any special equipment or facility to be able to get a good workout.

There are specific exercise routines that are designed especially for different body parts such as pull ups, push ups and crunches. Each one of the exercises you do simply uses your own body weight to produce the muscle resistance.

Watch this video for some great hunting workout examples.

Suitable for beginners and those already in good shape.

Cardiovascular Workouts – In my opinion the most important part of hunting fitness training.

The key to cardio workouts is to elevate your heart rate and keep it at the higher level throughout the workout. By doing this, you will increase the amount of time that you will be able to hunt hard and reduce the amount of recovery time.

Below are some examples of cardio routines that you can try for yourself:

●    Walking/speed walking

●    Running/jogging

●    Riding a bike

●    Spinning Bike

●    Elliptical machine

Example Hunting Fitness Routines

There are a number of different types of exercise routines that will be beneficial to hunters and other people who enjoy a wide range of physical activities outdoors.

A good place to start is improving endurance, strength, and agility, all of them can be accomplished on a single piece of exercise equipment like an elliptical machine.

Cardio workouts like speed walking, jogging, running and spinning bike routines can definitely be beneficial for outdoors people like us. AND you do not have to go to an expensive gym to do them.

Weight lifting, either free weights or machine weights can be hugely beneficial without going overboard. It is not necessary to pack on pounds of lean muscle for physical conditioning for hunters. All you need to do is lift weights 3 to 4 times a week with plenty of rest in between and you should do fine.

You do not need to be an MMA athlete do do these workouts and you can do them all at home.

In addition to the body weight training video above here are some real simple weight lifting exercises you can also do right at home to improve your overall hunting fitness.

Hunting Fitness Training Conclusion

Put simply the better shape you are in will mean the more you enjoy your hunting.

Engaging in some basic hunting workouts will mean the longer and harder you will be able to hunt.

So why wait?

Commence you hunting fitness training program now.

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