Best Turkey Vests 2021 [Hunting Vest Reviews + Brand Comparison]

Let’s start with the most basic question.

“What Makes The Best Turkey Vest?”

Simply a turkey vest is a wearable hunting vest that allows you to carry all your turkey hunting accessories within quick and simple reach.

Additionally, it is a piece of equipment that will keep you comfortable during your turkey hunt with built-in seat cushions and backrests.

This review of the 7 Turkey Hunting Vests will provide the right solution for you.

Each of the turkey vests are discussed in detail including current pricing. There is a comprehensive buyers guide towards the end of this article for you.

For those wanting to skip straight to the Winners here they are:-

Best Overall Turkey Vest .

[amazon box=”B07WGJ7XK3″]

ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam, Mossy Oak Bottomland

Best Lightweight Turkey Vest .

[amazon box=”B079KTG9LG”]

Knight & Hale Run N’ Gun 200-Turkey Vest, Mossy Oak Obsession

Best Budget Turkey Vest .

[amazon box=”B01ARPWXSE”]

Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Vest, Realtree

Turkey Hunting Vests Reviewed Table

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Top Rated Turkey Hunting Vests

1. The Alps OutdoorZ Grand Slam Vest “Winner” Best Overall

The Alps OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest has everything you need in a turkey vest.

It comes with a huge range of pockets and storage options for all your turkey hunting equipment.

Comfort is not compromised at all with cushioned seats, adjustable kickstands and swivel feet. This means you can set up comfortably anywhere for your long day turkey hunts.

Plenty of extras such as compartments for water bladder, game bag and safety flags included.

Manufactured by Alps OutdoorZ a world leader in hunting equipment, you know you are getting a premium turkey vest that will last you many seasons.


  • Seat and removable kickstand for ultimate sitting comfort
  • Adjustable legs and swivel feet for quick easy set up
  • Large range of pocket sizes for all your turkey hunting vest equipment
  • Safety flag and game bag conveniently included in the vest
  • Dedicated cell phone pouch


  • Can be bulky and heavy on long walks if you fill up every pocket
  • As a premium turkey hunting vest it is more expensive

Real User Review: DaNa5199 United States 2020

There is plenty of storage in this sucker too. I really like the silent box call feature as well. No more unnecessary noise while trudging through the woods. There are plenty of pockets and loops for strikers, ammo, pot calls, mouth calls, water resistant cell phone pouch (sadly, my case is too big so it won’t quite fit so my license and transport tag and ink pen will go inside it), room for call conditioners and chalks, thermacell, bottled water, folding saw, crow call and headlamp. That’s most of my gear anyhow

2. ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Super Elite 4.0 Turkey Vest

One step down from the Grand Slam version, the Alps OutdoorZ Super Elite 4.0 Turkey Vest is another very comprehensive turkey hunting vest.

A huge range of storage options you can carry everything you need for your turkey hunt in this quality turkey vest.

A well cushioned seat will keep you comfortable. As it does not have the legs and frames of the Grand Slam version it is much lighter.


  • 22 large easy to use pockets to store your turkey vest equipment
  • Lightweight at 3lbs is excellent for those longer walks
  • Very comfortable 2.5 inch cushion seat for those long sits
  • Quiet cotton liner and mesh material allows you to stay as soundless as possible
  • Game bag included that is blood proof meaning no mess


  • No kickstand which may or may not be an issue depending on your hunt set up

Real User Review [Willie Powell]

Exactly what I was looking for. I’ve worn the same turkey vest for 15 years and was ready for a new one. I’ve tried a bunch on in the stores and hated them…took a chance on this one and it was perfect. It’s got plenty of pockets and padding in the right spots. Holds my slates, box calls, gobble tube…and everything else I lug along in the woods. Pattern reminds me of the old treebark camo, but updated. Nothing bad to say about this beauty…and I’m picky!!

3. Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Vest “Winner”Best Budget Model

For the more budget conscious turkey hunter the Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Vest is the pick of the budget options.

Perfect for hunters who do not require or wish to carry as many turkey hunting accessories. Suits the hunter who is on shorter hunting days without compromising seating comfort.


  • Great budget option turkey hunting vest to save you money
  • Reasonable range of storage pockets and pouches
  • Large comfortable seat for those long sit and wait periods


  • Lacks blood proof game bag and blaze safety flag

Real User Review [Brandon S.]

Excellent cheap vest. I only hunt once, maybe twice a year so didn’t want to spend a ton of $ on a vest. Great pockets and room, does exactly what I need it to for how much I use it. Plan on this being just a storage vest, it won’t keep you warm so dress accordingly, but if you just need a vest to last a few seasons for light hunting per season, I liked it. I have an XXL, 5’11, 250 and it’s slightly large but that’s how I like it, better loose than too tight.

4. Knight & Hale Run N Gun Turkey Hunting Vest “Winner” Best Lightweight

The Knight & Hale Run N Gun Turkey Hunting Vest is the clear winner in Best Lightweight Turkey Vest option.

At only 1.5lbs this turkey vest can be carried easily on long hunts.

With 10 point adjustment settings it is very easy to fit this turkey vest comfortably. No matter what your shape and size. And despite the light weight there is a great range of pockets and pouches as well as a very comfortable padded seat.


  • Plenty of adjustment options to fit a wide range of hunter shapes and sizes
  • Very light at 1.5lbs for those not wishing to carry heavy loads
  • Well cushioned seat for keeping you comfortable during long sits
  • Large range of pockets for your turkey hunting vest equipment


  • Not as large as some of the other options. Less carrying capacity

Real User Review [Cole Patterson]

This vest is great for run & gun!!! Works for deer season too!!! If you hunt public land or/and are looking to get away from treestands this is the ticket. With this vest & the thickness of the seat, I can comfortably hunt from the ground just about anywhere & can draw my bow from a seated, on the ground, position. It has really opened up my hunting opportunity for a ground hunter both with a firearm & a bow!!! I can carry anything I need in it & it’s comfortable to sit for a while!!!

5. The Primos Gobbler Turkey Vest

Primos are well known for producing quality turkey hunting equipment and this turkey vest is no exception.

The Primos Gobbler vest is a perfect midpoint choice between the premium and budget models.

It includes everything you need for a full days turkey hunt in a well designed vest but at a mid way price point. Great Value for money.


  • Good range of pocket styles for all your hunting equipment
  • Flip down cushion seat to keep you comfortable all day
  • Comes with hydration bladder pocket
  • Excellent value for money


  • Not the best sizing and adjustment options meaning it is not as easy to get it to fit a wide range of hunter shapes and sizes

Real User Review [Bill M]

Lots of storage fits well zippers work very hard.

6. Beard Buster Deluxe Turkey Vest

The Beard Buster Deluxe Turkey Vest is another fantastic budget and lightweight option.

Whilst not having some of the extras that the premium turkey vest models include such as kickstands and water bladder compartments, this model will save you weight and money.

The basics are all still included such as plenty of storage pockets and waterproof cushion seat. Perfect for shorter day hunts.


  • Well priced making it a good budget option
  • Range of pockets and sizes
  • Pull out safety flag from the rear pocket
  • Well cushioned waterproof seat for long sits


  • No game bag

Real User Review [Jeffrey Noll]

Have finally had the chance to use this vest for turkey last week. Vest is well made and plenty of storage pockets. Large decoy pouch in back and 2″ seat is great. But it does need another buckle strap at the shoulders. Shoulder straps are continually falling down off shoulders. It’s very annoying. It’s an easy fix from the manufacturer. Because of this I would have given 5 stars.

7. Tenzing TR18 Turkey Recliner

The Tenzing TR18 Turkey Recliner Turkey Vest is another premium turkey hunting vest for the serious turkey hunter.

It includes all of the storage options a quality turkey vest should. The spring loaded adjustable legs and comfortable foam seat allow you to set up for a long hunt quickly and easily.

Superb back support and reclining feature means you get super comfortable with a minimum of noise and fuss. This premium turkey hunting vest is also lighter than its main competitor the Alps OutdoorZ Grand Slam.


  • Has everything you need in a turkey hunting vest for long hunts
  • Magnetic fasted cushion seat and backrest
  • Kickstand legs so you can set up easily and comfortably
  • Huge range of pockets at varying sizes and shapes so you can stay well organized
  • Dedicated game bag included in this premium turkey vest


  • More expensive as this is a premium designed turkey vest

Real User Review: [BlurXC]

I have been turkey hunting for over 30 years and this is the best vest I have worn. Great detail was taken in the design of the vest, even down to the fasteners / buckles, which are upgraded from standard. The reclining feature is really nice when you do not have a tree to lean against. Even when you do have a tree behind you, the vest back makes the transition more comfortable. I have an Alps reclining vest also, and this one is considerably lighter. Finally, the shoulder straps are designed to really distribute the weight of the vest and contents making those long walks much more comfortable. I am really impressed with this vest.

  • Light weight and easy to navigate. Color: Realtree edge. 3200 cu inches and a weight of 5lbs 4oz. Has a total of 10 compartments and 5 organization pockets
  • Spring loaded adjustable aluminum legs and dual layer foam seat allow you to sit comfortable in any situation. Has a structured internal frame that holds seat rigidity. Against
  • High performance air mesh back panel and shoulder straps with extra padding
  • Zippered front compartment with Seven shotgun shell loops. Easy access, large back compartment makes for easy Transport of decoy and/or turkey

Accessories For Your Turkey Vest

Want to know what to carry in your turkey vest?

Here is an article that discussed 25 Essential Items you should carry in your turkey hunting vest.Interested in the best turkey box calls?

This review of 9 Of The Best Box Calls has you covered.

Buyers Guide

Why Wear A Turkey Vest?

When selecting what is going to be the best turkey vest for you it is important to understand what type of turkey hunting will you be engaged in.

For example, are you hiking long distances? Will you be sitting in a hunting blind?  Will you be moving shorter distances and sitting for long periods?

Do you Run n Gun when turkey hunting? Do I need to carry a full range of turkey hunting accessories such as a large variety of calls and decoys?

Can I get away with less to save on weight? All of the above?

This video provides a great overview of why wearing a turkey vest makes a lot of sense.

What Is The Price Of Turkey Vests?

The price of a turkey hunting vest, like all hunting equipment, will vary depending on the range of features you require. Prices can be found from around $35 up to $200.

Knowing what type of hunting you will be doing, short days, long days, Run n Gun etc helps you decide if you need a fully featured turkey vest or one with less capacity but at a lighter weight.

In this article we provided a list of 25 Essential Accessories to carry in your turkey hunting vest.

Your budget will also be a determining factor in selecting a turkey vest for your needs.

For the Best Budget Turkey Hunting Vest I recommend the  Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Vest.

This offers great value for money without compromising too much on the best turkey vest features.

Comfort Factors To Consider

For those hunters who like to be comfortable out on their hunts then the overall comfort factor of your turkey vest is a very important consideration.

This covers both the wearing comfort and during the sitting and waiting game that is turkey hunting.

For the first consideration, the wearing of your turkey vest, the key point is that it fits well and can be adjustable to suit your body size and shape.

The Knight & Hale Run N’ Gun 200-Turkey Vest with a 10 point adjustment system is the best turkey hunting vest in this area.

[amazon box asin=”B079KTG9LG” apilink=”″ ]Knight & Hale Run N’ Gun 200-Turkey Vest, Mossy Oak Obsession

Having a well padded seat, ideally a backrest and adjustable feet will increase your comfort rating significantly during those longer turkey hunting periods.

This is even a more important factor if you are not setting up a seperate hunting blind with a separate chair.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest scores the highest when it comes to sitting comfort which is one of the reasons it is my preferred turkey hunting vest.

Doing a lot of turkey hunting?

Have you considered the Grand Slam of Turkey Hunting?

This article on the 15 Best States For the Turkey Grand Slam will help you on your quest.

What Is The Weight?

For many turkey hunters, particularly those engaging in the Run n Gun style, having a lightweight turkey vest is a top consideration.

Some compromise with storage options and capacity as well as backrests and adjustable legs is fine if it keeps the weight down.

Fully featured turkey hunting vests can weigh up to 6lbs BEFORE adding your equipment.

The clear winner in the lightweight division is the Knight & Hale Run N’ Gun 200-Turkey Vest. At a meagre 1.5lbs you won’t even know you are wearing it when out on your turkey hunt.

What Are The Storage Options?

For those hunters who like to be prepared for all turkey hunting situations, having significant storage capacity is a high priority.

Similarly hunters who are out all day on their turkey hunt require capacity to carry all the equipment they will need for a full day.

To give you an idea of the comprehensive equipment the fully prepared turkey hunter carries in in his or her turkey vest, read this article on the 25 Essential Items to carry in your turkey vest.

Most hunters will wish to carry a variety of turkey calls that come in different weights and sizes. Cell phone, GPS, gloves, face mask, insect repellent, decoys, licences, a drink and some snacks at a minimum.

The best turkey hunting vest will have sufficient pockets and pouches in a range of shapes and sizes to meet these needs.

Wanting to know which turkey calls you should be carrying in your turkey vest? Check out this detailed article on 9 Of The Best Turkey Box Calls.

Offering the most comprehensive storage solution for the serious, long term turkey hunter is the ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest.


Camouflage is a very important factor when hunting turkeys as most hunters will find out very quickly if they get it wrong.

Turkey hunters using a hunting blind do not need to be quite as concerned about having the perfect camouflage patterns on their turkey vest.

The good news is most of turkey vests come in varying styles of camouflage including Mossy Oak varieties and Realtree varieties.

Try and pick your turkey vest to match the environmental colors and patterns you will be hunting in the most.

Also remember the environment will change depending on the season as well as your hunting location. I know many serious hunters who have different turkey vests for the different seasons.

Built In Safety

It goes without saying that safety is a prime consideration when out doing any sort of hunting.

Placing your harvested gobbler hanging out the back pocket of your vest without some sort of safety flag is putting you and your hunting party at potential risk of being shot at!

Many of the best turkey vests come with a built in safety flag just for these reasons. If your turkey vest does not come with a built in blaze flag then make sure you carry one separately.

For example the recommended turkey hunting vest – ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest has this built in.

Game Bags

If you bag gobbler or two the last thing you want is blood seeping through your turkey vest.

Again most turkey hunting vests come with a built in game bag for your harvest.

Both the ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Super Elite 4.0 Turkey Vest and the ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest come with blood proof game bags as part of the turkey vest.

Conclusion Best Turkey Vest

Hunting with a good quality and comfortable turkey vest will make your day out hunting much more enjoyable and successful.

Unlike a standard backpack the best turkey vest will mean your equipment is readily at hand and reduces noise as you are not constantly taking your backpack off to access the favourite call or that beef jerky snack.

As turkey hunting (like a lot of hunting) requires plenty of sitting and waiting, being comfortable for long periods is a must.

Having a good cushioned seat and backrest is all part of the best turkey hunting vest.

Depending on where you hunt turkeys, the length of time you are out in the woods and the style of turkey hunting you engage in then one of these turkey vests will be your next best friend.

And finally to recap for you.

The Best Turkey Vest overall is the ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest. Everything you need in storage, style, safety and comfort.

Watch this turkey vest in action below.

The best turkey hunting vest in the lightweight division is the Knight & Hale Run N’ Gun 200-Turkey Vest.

Combines lightweight benefits at only 1.5lbs without too much sacrifice in the storage and comfort factors.

The best turkey vest in the budget division is the Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Vest. This vest will suit the occasional turkey hunter or those on shorter day hunts who do not require the full range of turkey hunting accessories.

And finally remember to stock your turkey vest with some of the best turkey box calls which you will find Detailed Here.


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