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Best Sleeping Bag Under $100 (Campers and Hunters)

June 23, 2019
budget sleeping bag review

Review Of The Best Sleeping Bags Under $100 for Campers And Hunters

The Winners Top Three Picks

Best Budget Sleeping Bag

Coleman Oak Point

Great all round budget sleeping bag well under $100.

Best All Rounder

Kelty Cosmic 40

Excellent value sleeping bag with Dridown insulation

Best Heavy Duty Bag

Teton Deer Hunter

Very tough long lasting sleeping bag with canvas shell.

Let us start by discussing what types of sleeping bags we are considering in this review of the best sleeping bags under $100. Or more importantly what we are not including.

All of these sleeping bags under $100, (or very close to $100) are designed for the hunter or camper who is not overly concerned about bag weight or size.

You will have room in the truck and likely be sleeping in a quality tent when using these bags.

You would like an inexpensive sleeping bag that has stood the real life demands camping puts on your gear.

Comfortable sleeping bags keeping you warm and snug at a good price point are your main objectives.

What we have focused on in this review is the best quality in an inexpensive sleeping bag. We are looking for the best all round sleeping bag around the $100 price mark.

We have not included in this review sleeping bags designed for the backcountry hiker or hunter.  This is where sleeping bag weight and volume is a very important factor.

Whilst these sleeping bags reviewed will cover a range of temperatures, we are assuming you are not planning to climb Mount Everest or go camping in sub arctic temperatures.

Top 11 Budget Sleeping Bags

Coleman Oak Point 30F

Great all round sleeping bag well under $100. 

Coletherm insulattion

Suits big and tall adults up to 6′ 4′


Polyester cover with cotton flannel lining

  • Plenty of room
  • Heat Retention
  • Great Price
  • Rolls not stuffs
  • Only in Brown

5 of 5 Stars

Teton Sports Tracker 20F

Extra loft and warmth. 

Microfibre insulation.

Wider at shoulders than most mummy bags.

3 piece hood keeps your head off the ground.


  • Water resistant
  • Rip & Puncture proof
  • Lighter weight.
  • Not for cold nights <30
  • Tricky zippers

4.5 of 5 Stars

Coleman Green Valley 30 -40F

BEST Super cheap bag.

For the occasional camper.

Polyester cover.

Cotton flannel liner.


  • Great price.
  • Comfort cuff for face
  • No snag zippers.
  • Rolls not stuffs.
  • Heavier

3.5 of 5 Stars

Kelty Cosmic 40F

Excellent value sleeping bag. 

Stays drier and lofts better.

Down filled.

Fatman & ribbon drawcords to personalize fit.


  • Dridown insulation.
  • Anti-snag zippers
  • Adjust fit for comfort.
  • Not for cold nights <40
  • Closer to $100

5 of 5 Stars

Marmot Trestles 30F

Regular and long sizes.

SpiraFil high loft insulation.

Shaped footbox for warmth.

Wave construction top & blanket construction bottom


  • 2nd Zipper ventilation
  • Great warmth provided
  • Anti snag sider
  • Not for larger campers
  • Just over $100

4.5 of 5 Stars

Cabela’s Mountain Trapper

Extra durable and tough. 

Range of temperature ratings.

Cotton flannel lining.

Insulated zipper baffles.


  • Water repellent.
  • Cotton canvas shell.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Heavy bag at 7lbs
  • Needs to store flat

3.5 of 5 Stars

Coleman North Rim Cold Weather 0F

Suits adults up to 6′ 2″

Hood tightens to seal in heat.

Box shaped foot.

Thermlock & Zipplow systems.


  • Excellent in cold weather
  • 2 way zippers allow for ventilation
  • Machine washable
  • Slightly heavier bag
  • Not the strongest zippers

4 of 5 Stars

Slumberjack Country Squire 20F

Very comfortable.

Adults up to 6′ 6”

Quilted lining can be removed.

Cotton duck shell.

Draft tube along zipper.


  • Heavy duty strength.
  • Zip together to make double bag.
  • Strong anti snag zippers.
  • Just over $100
  • Heavy and larger

4.5 of 5 Stars

Teton Sports Deer Hunter -35F

Extremely comfortable.

Very tough canvas shell.

Excellent for the big camper.

True 3 seasons bag.


  • Very tough.
  • Long lasting
  • Great in very cold weather
  • Store hanging up.
  • Just over $100

5 of 5 Stars

Coleman Big Basin 0F

Great for the bigger camper. 6′ 8″

Coletherm insulation.

Ripstop cover.

Insulated chest baffles


  • Plenty of room.
  • 2 way zipper ventilation
  • Very warm
  • Heavier
  • We rate to 15F

4.5 of 5 Stars

Abco Tech 20F

Excellent value.

Good compression sack.

Double filled insulation.

Unique S shaped quiled design.


  • Waterproof design
  • Opens out as blanket
  • Very warm and snug
  • May not stand up to machine wash
  • Not for the tall

4 of 5 Stars

What To Consider In Selecting An Inexpensive Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag Shape

You can find a sleeping bag under $100 in for all the available shapes.

The Rectangular Sleeping Bag

The rectangular shaped sleeping bag provides the most room for the tired hunter or camper.

This is the most common shape for sleeping bags. Plenty of room for stretching and this shape can generally be fully unzipped and used as a blanket during warmer weather.

If you are looking for a Double sleeping bag these come in the rectangular shape and can be zipped together.

Best Rectangular – Coleman Oak Point

The Mummy Sleeping Bag

As the name suggests this shape of sleeping bag looks a bit like a “mummy”.

The fit of this sleeping bag is tighter making it nice and snug. At your shoulder they have a narrower shape and then taper off further towards your feet.

As a result you get a little less room to move around inside the bag.  They are however warmer and weigh less than the rectangular shaped bag.

Best Mummy – Kelty Cosmic (#ad)​​​​

The Barrel Sleeping Bag

The barrel shaped or semi rectangular sleeping bag are like the mummy shaped sleeping bag. They have more room to move around in them.

This style of sleeping bag provides a good balance between the extra warmth of a mummy shaped bag and the extra room of a rectangular bag.

Best Combination – Coleman Big Basin (#ad)​​​​

The Heavy Duty Sleeping Bag

For the camper and hunter who camps regularly out in rough terrain you can not beat a sleeping bag with a heavy duty canvas outer shell.

If you often find yourself in tougher conditions including the wet then this is the option for you.

Best Heavy Duty – Teton Sports Deer Hunter (#ad)​​​​

Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating

When sleeping manufactures give a bag a temperature rating this is based on the average person.

Remember other factors will determine how warm you sleep such as the weather, what clothing you have on and whether you are using a sleeping pad.

TIP: Do not wear too much clothing when getting into your sleeping bag. You want your body temperature to warm the air around the insulation material. If you have too many layers of clothes on this will not happen effectively.

I suggest you always buy your sleeping bag with a rating to a colder temperature than you actually expect to encounter. Sleeping bags can always be unzipped if you get a bit warm.

Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating Guide

          Season:                                             Sleeping Bag Rating

          Summer:                                                 30 F 

          3 Seasons:                                               15F – 30F

          Winter:                                                     10F <

Sleeping Bag Insulation Material

Good sleeping bags are all made of a nylon or polyester outer shell that is water repellent.

Note do not be fooled by some claims that this is waterproof. It isn’t.

It is a repellent coating that causes water to form small droplets and run off the bag instead of soaking into the insulation.

Manufacturers Often referred to this as a DWR coating.

Insulation Material Types

There are basically two types of insulation material used in sleeping bag. Synthetic and down (duck or goose feathers).

When looking for a sleeping bag under $100 the insulation material will normally be synthetic. This is due to the lower cost.

Synthetic insulation material is fine for the general hunter camper. Here is a quick comparison of the two types of sleeping bag insulation.

Synthetic Insulation

  • Cheaper
  • Non-allergenic
  • Will still insulate when damp
  • Dries quickly

Down Insulation

  • Lighter
  • Compresses to a smaller size
  • More effective in very cold weather
  • Must have a water-resistant treatment to protect it in damp conditions.

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Sleeping Bag Accessories

There are a few accessories you should consider when selecting your sleeping bag.

A Stuff Sack

Most sleeping bags come with one of these when you buy your bag. When packing your sleeping bag you generally do not roll or fold it like a blanket.

Rather you stuff it into a sack for short term storage and transporting. This is better for the insulation material, particularly down type insulation.

It also makes packing easier as once in a stuff sack the sleeping bag will take up less space.

That said there are certain sleeping bags that come in a roll up variety as well as those requiring the sleeping bag to be stored un-rolled or hanging up. We have noted these differences for you in the product specifications.

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A Sleeping Bag Liner

Using a  liner inside your sleeping bag bag helps to keep it clean and even adds a little more warmth to your nights sleep. If you are camping in the heat of summer ten using just the sleeping bag liner is a great option.

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A Sleeping Pad

Keep extra warm by keeping your body off the ground. Sleeping directly on the ground is more uncomfortable. It also results in loss of body heat through transference. A sleeping pad fixes these issues immediately.

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How We Selected The Best Sleeping Bags

These are the factors and methods we used in our review process.

  1. The sleeping bag is around the $100 price point.
  2. Materials must be durable.
  3. A range of temperature ratings for various seasons are included to cover a range of camping conditions.
  4. We did not focus on the lightest weight sleeping bags as the hunter or camper will likely have a vehicle.
  5. Manufacturer must be an established and  reputable company.
  6. The sleeping bag must be easily available for sale.
  7. We have either used or know people who have used many of these inexpensive sleeping bags over the years.
  8. We consulted camping and hunting forums to gather real feedback over many hours.
  9. We visited the manufacturers websites to compare detailed specifications.
  10. We consulted 100’s reviews of real users to gather more insights.

From our initial list of over 50 budget sleeping bags we reduced the detailed comparison list to the top 11.

We used the above criteria so you have enough information to make your selection without being overwhelmed.

Conclusion Best Sleeping Bags Under $100

Can you buy a good quality sleeping bag under $100?

Yes you can.

The most important factor when choosing an inexpensive sleeping bag is to consider the temperatures and conditions you are likely to be camping in.

I always recommend purchasing a sleeping bag that has a temperature rating lower than what you expect to find yourself in. If you are a regular camper then ensure the sleeping bag has good quality zippers. These are often the weakest point in sleeping bag construction.

Finally size. Make sure you have plenty of wriggle room in your sleeping bag for a restful nights sleep.

I trust you found this review of the best sleeping bags under 100 useful. We have covered a range of budget sleeping bag types to cover most camping situations.

So get out and enjoy sleeping in the great outdoors.

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