5 Easy Spicy Deer Jerky Recipes You Need To Know – Wild Game Cooking

Spicy Deer Jerky Recipes You Need To Know

Wish You Could Make Spicy Deer Jerky? These 5 recipes are guaranteed to have you filling the kitchen cabinet with lovely spicy venison jerky in next to no time. From making the marinade to smoking dehydrating or simply using your oven, these spicy deer jerky recipes have you covered Whether you have┬áharvested your own deer … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Wild Game Nutrition Free Infographic

Nutrition of Wild Game

Interested in wild game nutrition. This infographic is the perfect guide to the healthiest wild game meat. After a successful hunt, the carryout and the butchering we hunters get to enjoy some of the most nutritional wild game meat nature has to offer. This guide covers a very wide range of wild game nutrition facts … Read more