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Best Light To Use Night Coyote Hunting

January 22, 2020
coyote walking in snow

7 Of The Best Lights For Coyote Hunting At Night

In this article we are going to look at the best light to use night coyote hunting.

We will look at what color light is best for coyote night time hunting.

We will also provide a coyote hunting light buying considerations checklist.

If you are quickly after the results then here they are.

Best Premium Option

Wicked Lights A67iC 3-Color-in-1 (Green, Red, White LED) Predator Pursuit Pack with Intensity Control for Night Hunting Coyote, Predator, Varmint & Hogs

Best Value For Money Option

Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens 676 Yards Red and Green Rechargeable Hunting Light with Lumentac Rifle Mounting Kit for Hog Coyote and Varmint Hunting (Medium, Gift Box Packaging)

Coyote Night Hunting Lights Reviewed

Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Predator Hunting XXL Rifle Light Kit

  • Very long range of beam to spot Predators. Up to 700 yards
  • Tough Aluminium alloy makes this very durable
  • Waterproof. Works well in cold temps. Makes this versatile.
  • Bulbs need to be changed manually.

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Wicked Lights A67iC Predator Pursuit Pack

  • Quick and easy to change colors with selection knob
  • Rifle stays centred between color changes to keep you on target
  • Full control over light density so game is not spooked
  • Tough aircraft grade aluminium construction for durability
  • Comes with extra flashlight for hand held scanning
  • More expensive.

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Wicked Lights A67iC Gun Light Kit

  • All features of above Wicked Light Predator Pursuit Pack
  •  No extra flashlight so save some money
  • Not 100% waterproof

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Orion M30C 700 Lumen

  • Simple brightness settings makes it easy to use in the field
  • Perfect for 1 color choice makes it simple to use
  • Smart recharging battery systems means long battery life
  • Shorter beam throw range
  • Only comes in one color – Red or Green

Check On Amazon

Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens

  • Very bright adjustable light to really see what is out there
  • Long beam throw to spot game at distance
  • Comes with handy holster if using as a flashlight
  • Excellent value for money
  • No zoom option

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Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Rifle Edition Kit

  • No.1 Selling Predator Light (Manufacturers Claim)
  • Tough aluminium alloy makes this very durable
  • Waterproof & works well in cold temperatures for versatility
  • Good beam throw to 500 yards for long range spotting
  • The XXL Version mentioned above is better value for money
  • Bulbs need to be changed manually

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Vastfire Predator Light

  • Best budget option if you only hunt at night occasionally
  • Easy change of colors makes for simple use
  • Long battery life for extended use
  • Does not throw beam as long as the more expensive options

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Coyote Hunting Lights Comparison Table

Coyote Hunting Lights Buying Guide

Coyotes are well known for having exceptional eyesight. They have general all-round cunning survival instincts. So it is no wonder hunting coyotes under lights can offer the hunter some great challenges.

Some hunters will claim white light is best. Other hunters will swear by red light. Green light is currently one of the more popular hunting lights for coyotes. So…

What Color Light Is Best For Coyote Night Hunting?

Important Note: Check your local state regulations to ensure you can legally hunt coyotes at night under lights. You might find this resource very helpful.

US Hunting Seasons By State. With links to all State Regulators.

After years of research and field trials here are my thoughts on which color light is best for night coyote hunting.

Red Light For Coyote Night Hunting

Red light for coyote hunting has a big advantage in that coyotes can not see the red light.

This allows the hunter to get in closer undetected.

Red light provides a great eye shine off the coyote making it easier to spot them.

Red light does not reflect off the surrounding woods as much as other colors.

This reduces the overall light impact being made by the hunter.

Finally red light for coyote hunting has the least impact on the hunters eyes.

If I had to pick one color light for coyote hunting at night it would be red.

Reasons are for the eye shine benefits and less fatigue on the human eye.

If you just wish to hunt coyotes with a red light option only then one of the great options is the  Predator Coyote Reaper XXL

Green Light For Coyote Night Hunting

Using green lights for coyote hunting provides better contrast of the animal against the woods compared to red light. Yet not as much as white light.

Green light may however alert your presence to the coyote more than red light will.

That said green light for coyote night hunting is very popular and there must be a good reason for that.

The Wicked Lights A67iC Predator Pursuit Pack and the Wicked Lights A67iC Night Hunting Gun Light both allow the hunter to easily change hunting colors. These are a good option if you want ease with experimenting with different colors including white.

White Light For Coyote Night Hunting

Using a white light when you are out coyote hunting at night offers the greatest amount of detail for the hunter.

It also allows the hunter to gauge the distance easier when taking aim.

The big downside of white light for hunting coyotes at night is it will have a big impact on your peripheral vision at the time.

Secondly the coyote will pick up the white light you are emitting from a great distance and may be just a bit too cunning to come any closer.

What About Battery Life For Your Coyote Hunting Light.

The last thing any hunter wants is to have batteries go dead right in the middle of a coyote night hunt.

When selecting the best light to use night coyote hunting consideration should be given to battery life length and recharging options.

The Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens Rechargeable Hunting Light and Predator Coyote Reaper XXL both score well in the battery life and recharge departments.

What Style Of Light Is The Best For Coyote Hunting At Night

There are three types of lights to consider when selecting your coyote hunting light.

Handled flashlight type, Headlamps and Gun mounted.

Hand Held Lights

A very flexible, cheap and easy to use option.

Of course the obvious drawback is that you can not shoot whilst holding a flashlight.

Perfect however if you are just interested in spotting at night.

Or not a problem to use if you have a hunting buddy with you.

Vastfire Zoomable offers a very budget friendly flashlight only option


A complete waste of time if actually hunting.

You can not see through the sights of your rifle whilst wearing a headlamp.

They are not flexible to use as a spotting light and their range of beam is useless.

Keep your white light (or any color) headlamp for around the campsite or when packing up the truck.

Gun Mounted Lights

Attached directly to your rifle these lights offer the best all round option for your night coyote hunting under lights.

Gun mounted hunting lights will either attach to the scope or directly to the rail.

It is important to always remember when using a gun mounted hunting light that everywhere you point the light you are also pointing the rifle. So always point towards the hunting area. Do not use it as a substitute flashlight.

The main consideration here is that when mounted the light remains pointed exactly in line with your scope. This is especially important when you are changing colors. Or using the zoom function, adjusting light intensity or even simply turning the light on and off

A premium option when it comes to a gun mounted hunting light of coyote night hunting is the Wicked Lights A67iC Night Hunting Gun Light. And if you get the Wicked Lights A67iC Predator Pursuit Pack you get the extra flashlight version included.

Ease Of Mounting

Scope mounted hunting lights for your coyote hunting adventure are generally easier to use than their rail mounted cousins.The  Wicked Lights A67iC Predator Pursuit Pack and the Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens Rechargeable Hunting Light offer the best solutions here.

If you prefer the rail mount option then the Predator Coyote Reaper XXL is the best light for night coyote hunting. It also offers a scope mount option so you have the best of both worlds.

Important Points About Coyote Hunting Light Construction

Clearly a tough and durable construction of your coyote night hunting light is an important consideration.

If you are going to do a lot of coyote hunting at night under lights then this buying consideration is even more important.

Quality materials equals longer life, simple as that.

The best light to use night coyote hunting in the construction and durability area is the Wicked Lights A67iC Predator Pursuit Pack

What About Budget Considerations?

If you are hunting coyotes at night only occasionally then you may not wish to spend the extra dollars on a premium rifle mounted scope.

The good news is there are some great options in the more budget friendly range. The ones I recommend to check out as the best value and best budget options are:

The Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens Rechargeable Hunting Light for best value for money option.

Or the Vastfire Predator Light for best budget option.

Both are good quality units at a budget orientated price level.

Zoom Options

Top quality manufacturers have a zoom ability in their hunting lights.

What About Light Intensity And Brightness?

While a brighter light makes for easier spotting it also has the effect of reducing battery life significantly.

How much brightness or light intensity you need will always vary according to the hunting conditions.

My rule of thumb is always use the least amount to get the job done.

Being able to adjust the hunting lights intensity is a nice feature to have.

Do I Need A Halo Shield?

A rubberized halo shield helps remove the unwanted light spill and keeps the beam focused where you want it.

Weather Factors In Selecting A Coyote Night Hunting Light

This will be a factor of where you usually hunt coyotes and the weather conditions you can generally expect.

In colder conditions the Wicked Lights A67iC Predator Pursuit Pack and Predator Coyote Reaper XXL offer the best options.

If you often find yourself out night hunting coyotes in the rain, the Predator Coyote Reaper XXL is fully waterproof.

Final Verdict Best Light For Coyote Hunting At Night

For the best all round premium light for night coyote hunting you can’t go past the Wicked Lights A67iC Predator Pursuit Pack.

For a little extra you get the second flashlight in the Pursuit pack. This is clearly a premium product with a lot of versatility.

In the mid range and offering great value for money is the Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens Rechargeable Hunting Light.

Also the Predator Coyote Reaper XXL in Red. Does everything you need and more, in a durable light that offers great value for money.

Best budget option is to get the Vastfire Predator Light.

Tips for Hunting Coyotes at Night

Use A Predator Caller.

You can choose between coyote mouth calls or electronic predator callers. Calling the cunning coyote in to your position is a thrilling experience for any hunter.

Check out the Primos 372 Extra Loud Cottontail Predator for a great mouth caller option.

For electronic predator callers, the Foxpro Hammer Jack American Made Electronic Predator Call is a top option.

Aiming Your Light.

Once you have picked up the eye shine from the coyote keep the light very steady so you do not create shadows.

Know Your Hunting Ground.

Scout the area where you plan to hunt your coyote at night so you can get a feel for where you should set up and where the game is likely to approach from.

Rifle Mounted Hunting Lights.

Do not use as a flashlight pointing towards your hunting buddies.

Last Thoughts.

A good quality light to use for night coyote hunting is essential to achieve good results.

The best premium coyote night hunting light you can get is the Wicked Lights A67iC Predator Pursuit Pack.

Almost as good and using the red light bulb only is the Predator Coyote Reaper XXL.

Best 3 in 1 Color value for money option is the Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens Rechargeable Hunting Light

Hunting coyotes at night under lights is a fantastic hunting experience.

Enjoy being out in the wilderness with your buddies or soaking up the isolation by yourself. (The way I prefer it!)

I hope you have enjoyed this article on choosing the best light for hunting coyotes at night.

Please feel free to use the contact form if you would like to make any suggestions.


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