Slumberjack Latitude 20 Degree Mummy Bag Review – Camping Equipment

Campers come in all sizes, and every camping adventure is different. Good for entry level backpackers and comfortable enough for the campground, our next pick is a popular choice for a variety of outdoors folks and adventures.

Slumberjack Latitude 20 Degree Mummy Bag

Slumberjack Latitude 20 Degree Mummy Bag - Camping


Trapping air so your body will heat it and keep you toasty warm is the goal of sleeping bags. With this in mind, the company designed its Latitude line to retain warmth by fitting the contours of your body while providing space to maintain comfort throughout the night.

Unlike other manufacturers we reviewed, Slumberjack makes their own polyester fill called Slumberloft Synthetic Insulation. It is temperature rated at 20 degree/-7 and performs well in the 40—50 degree range. But if you are looking for a solid three-season bag that will keep you warm at near-freezing temperatures, you may want to stick to the Teton Sports product previously reviewed.

Remember temperature ratings are based on the assumption you are wearing long underwear and using a sleeping pad. Your metabolism also greatly influences temperature rating as well. Thinner folks tend to have less body fat which often allows them to feel the cold more than others.

This product offers a range of features to keep you warm and feeling good. A draft tube on the zipper locks out cold air, and the inside has soft polyester taffeta to keep you snug-as-a-bug. Cold spots, which occur when you lay in one position for two long, were all but eliminated with the two- layer, offset construction and differential cut.  The product also features a polyester diamond Ripstop shell with a DWR water repellent finish to keep moisture off, and you dry.

But this product is probably a bit heavy for some backpackers and may be better suited for general campers. Stick to the Suisse Sport Adventure Mummy Ultra-Compactable or the Teton Sports TrailHead +20 Degree F Ultralight for compression and lighter packing for backpacking.

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Your head will rest nicely as you have your choice of flat or contoured feel with the flip-over hood while the draft collar prevents heat loss from the neck and shoulder area.

The drawstrings on the hood are good quality nylon and work well. There is trapezoidal foot box space that allows your feet to remain in a natural, able position, and an anti-snag zipper to ensure fast in and outs when needed.

Size And Shape Matter

Slumberjack Latitude Mummy Bag

Backpackers will find the Slumberjack Latitude mummy sack light and compact enough for treks into the forest and along mountain trails. Sumberjack also offers a wide range of options for different campers.

But remember, weight increases with the size.  As a guide the regular size weighs 3lb, 8oz. they also offer quality options for women and children. Light, comfortable and warm at mid-range temperatures, and the ability to purchase the right fit, make this a solid choice for campers.

Not everyone wants to pull on a backpack and grind out 5-10 miles along a wilderness trail.  Some of us like to simply drive to our forest or beach camping spot, pitch a tent and enjoy the day. This is a great choice for casual or entry level campers and backpackers who want warmth and fit for their outdoor adventure.