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Review of Leupold Scopes VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50mm

April 19, 2018
Leupold Scopes VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50mm

Leupold scopes are well known for their high quality and competitive range of price points. No wonder they are the king of mid range hunting scopes. This review of Leupold scopes will highlight the VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50mm for you.

The Leupold Scope VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50mm

LRP stands for long range precision and that is what this scope delivers to long range hunters and shooters.

Focal Plane Choice

You get to choose between front (first) or rear (second) focal plane.

With a front focal plane, the scope reticle will magnify with the image.

With a rear focal plane the opposite happens. When you increase the magnification, the apparent size of the reticle remains unchanged.

Rear focal planes have traditionally been more popular by hunters and tactical shooters, although the front focal plane scopes are becoming more common these days.

Reticle Choice



As with nearly all the Leupold scopes a range of reticles are available for you choose from.

Further, the reticles are offered in with a MOA/MOA  or mil/mil. This means the recicle adjustments are matched with the click values.

MOA stands for minute of angle and each click of the turret is ¼ of MOA  adjustment.

Mil stands for Milliradian. Which is  a measurement of angle within a circle and each click is 1/10th adjustment


Scope lenses are treated with Leupolds’ trademarked DiamondCoat 2 to ensure high light transmission and abrasion resistance.

This provides a very bright view, awesome clarity and contrast each time you raise the scope to your eye

Light Managment

As hunters we know a lot of shots are taken at first or last light so having a scope maximizing available light is critical..

This scope uses Leupolds’ Twilight Max Light Management Systems which provides excellent visibility  in low light conditions.


So What Else Has It Got For Me?

An adjustable zero stop is also included on the elevation turret. It is easy to use and does not impact the height of the turret as adjustments are made.

Side parallax adjustments are easily made from the side knob on the turret.

The zoom ring is conveniently located in front of the ocular lens like almost every variable scope.

Zoom ratio provided is 3:1. Magnification is very smooth throughout the full range.

The scope also comes with a detachable throw lever for instant magnification changes

The VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50mm Scope is fully waterproof and fog proof essential for any hunting or tactical shooting situation.

The  30mm TUBE is made from aircraft quality aluminium giving it both strength and lightweight properties. I like the black matte finish, it looks good on anything from your favorite 30-06, 308 or even your AR.

To clean simply wipe of any dirt or dust, no maintenance is required.

Comes with a free scope cover to protect your brand new purchase.

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Lifetime Guarantee

The ultimate Leupold Gold Ring Lifetime warranty guarantee will give you peace of mind that this scope is built to last.

If something should happen to your scope Leupold have you covered.


Overall the VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50mm is a very good long range hunting and tactical scope and very well priced in the mid market category.

You will not go wrong mounting this scope on your favorite rifle.

Suitable for hunters and tactical shooters the features and performance of this scope are sure to make it a best-seller. 

And of course Leupold scopes are manufactured 100% in the USA. So you know you will get a high standard quality scope whilst supporting American manufacturers.

Where Can I Buy The Leupold Scope VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50mm

These scopes are easily available on Amazon where you will find very competitive prices and very simple delivery. In fact delivery is free for Prime members. Your delivery and condition of the purchase is further protected by Amazon’s A-Z guarantee.

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I hope you have enjoyed this Review of Leupold Scopes VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50mm and found the information useful in your purchasing decision. Many of you have contacted us asking for further reviews so come back to the site regularly for further scope reviews and comparisons.

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Source Leupold

Length – A (in)


Mounting Space – B (in)


Illustration – C


Illustration – D


Eyepiece Length – E


Objective Length – F


Objective Diameter – G


Eyepiece Diameter – H


Tube Diameter- k (mm)


Length – A (cm)


Mounting Space – B (cm)


Tube Diameter- k (in)


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