How to Have Fun Camping with Your Boyfriend or Husband

So many of us watch our boyfriends or husbands go off camping and wonder, how can I do that?  How can I sleep in a tent or cabin with others and not have it be yucky or have bugs crawling all over you; or worse, how can I stay clean and look good while visiting the great outdoors?

The way to make camping fun and comfortable for us ladies is to plan ahead, and take the right stuff. It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping in a tent or staying in a cabin, you’re going to have to pack the right gear to be comfortable and look fabulous.

You’re frolicking around in the woods, so looking fabulous is relative, but you can still look good, and have a great time, with a little bit of planning and some shopping. And who doesn’t like shopping?

What To Take

Have Fun Camping

Okay, let’s get down to the essentials. You’re going to need what I like to call my ‘go-to’ make-up kit. I put my ‘go-to’ in a plastic bag; you’ll need a lot of one-gallon size Ziplock bags, so grab a big box from the store.

The fist thing I put in is sunscreen. Don’t grab the cheap kind from the discount drugstore either, just because your camping it doesn’t mean you have to use the cheap stuff on your face. Use a high quality oil-free sunscreen for your face, SPF 30 or more.

I like L’OReal Sublime Sunscreen SPF50+, it’s not oily and I put it on first thing every morning. You need sunscreen for the rest of your body too. Get a regular size and a small travel size to carry with you on hikes.

I also stick in some make-up wipes as I use them a lot. A toothbrush is a must; the Ulti-brush is awesome, its a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss all in one.

You will want a hairbrush and some dry shampoo too. Even the cheap kind from Walgreens will do, it’s great to keep your hair smelling fresh. If it’s important to you, then take some mascara and lip gloss as well, but don’t put it on to heavy. You’re in the woods not a nightclub. Your lip gloss or lip balm should be SPF rated as well, no sense in getting sunburnt lips.

Deodorant, moisturizer, and insect repellant are must haves. You cannot have enough insect repellent. Besides applying it to your body, spray it around inside your tent to keep those creepy-crawlies away! A travel size bug repellant to carry with you is a good idea too.

Okay, now that your ‘go-to’ is organized, let’s talk about what you will need to survive in style. First up are the right clothes. Here is a big secret; you need less than you think. We ladies always take too much stuff. But remember it’s not a five-star resort. So two pairs of shorts, a couple of t-shirts, a sweatshirt and sweatpants, a poncho and light windbreaker should do it. But do pack lots of socks and underwear.

The best way to pack clothes is put each group of items in a Ziplock bag. One for your shorts, one for shirts, and so forth. This way it’s easier to find stuff when you need it. Especially when you’re looking for stuff when it’s dark. Which reminds me, a flashlight is required, the kind that straps on your head is great as then both hands are free.

It may not seem important before you go, but believe me the most important thing when camping is a good nights sleep. I mean, who wants to be cold, or too hot or wet simply because you thought all sleeping bags are alike. They’re not.

Sleeping bags are rated for different temperatures and used for different seasons. A good, all around bag is the Coleman North Rim 0 Degree Sleeping Bag. Don’t forget your pillow too. I always bring an extra pillowcase as well, as they can get a little gross after a few days.

Most of the times when I’ve been in a tent or cabin there has been a shower, which is heavenly. But occasionally I’ve been camping with my boyfriend where there is not a shower. Ok, it may seem gross at first, but with a little imagination and the right set up, it can be sexy fun to shower in nature.

Here’s what you need to shower outdoors and stay daisy fresh:

  • Stuff sack with a change of clothes
  • Handkerchief to use as a washrag
  • Quick dry towel – get the extra-large one that wraps around your entire body
  • Platypus water system, with hose and attachment to hang from a tree
  • Bag with liquid body soap and toiletries

Now, find a secluded spot, hang the Platypus, strip off, get clean and have fun!