Airhead Ahtk-2 – Montana Performance Kayak

With all the options available today, finding the right fishing kayak for you can seem overwhelming. For those looking for an inexpensive inflatable kayak, the AIRHEAD AHTK-2 Montana Performance is an excellent option. Easy to transport and reliable in lakes or class I or II rapids, this craft is built for the recreational kayaker. Airhead … Read more

9 Of The Best Deer Hunting Magazines To Subscribe To 2022

Best Deer Hunting Magazines To Subscribe To

Remember the days when us hunters would check the mail and get enormous pleasure in seeing the latest issue of our favorite deer hunting magazine. Well, those days have not yet disappeared thankfully. While the world is going digital there is still an enormous pleasure to be had opening up a quality deer hunting magazine. … Read more

Deer Sounds Scent And Body Language All You Need To Know

Deer Sounds Scent and body language

Deer use three main forms of communication. Deer make Sounds or use vocalization i.e deer talk (Hearing) They leave Scent which is a chemical means of communication (Smell) Deer will display various Postures i.e. the use of body language. (Sight) The following forms of deer communication are focused on whitetail deer. All deer species have … Read more