Hunting Lifestyle – Best Hunting Song

Hunting Lifestyle – Fred Bear Song by Ted Nugent

Hank the Hunter was having a quiet beer and reading through some hunting lifestyle articles on the web the other night as he usually does.

He came across this brilliant article by Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting’s website. You can read the full article by clicking on the title below.

Celebrate and Promote – Never Defend Hunting

The title says it all, as hunters we should follow Ted’s advice and Promote and Celebrate our chosen hunting lifestyle, not defend it.

This is what the great Ted Nugent has to say:-

“I dedicate myself to a smart, conscientious, healthy, hunting lifestyle,…”

“I hear from newly baptized sporters who fall head-over-heels in love with the soul-cleansing shooting sports and great outdoors adventure.

Shared in a vigorous, passionate way, I am convinced that most people would be intrigued and inspired enough to look into it, try it, and many will be recruited in a heartbeat.

I’ve witnessed it my entire life!”

“For 50-plus years I have performed songs with a hunting/outdoor theme to millions and millions of people around the world, and the evidence shows that it has educated and impacted them profoundly.”

“If you love the hunting lifestyle anywhere close to how much I do, find a way to reach out and recruit new sporters at every opportunity.”

That brings Hank to one of his favorite hunting lifestyle songs of all time. Ted Nugent singing the Fred Bear song around a campfire.

Dressed in camo, hunting cap on, and sitting around the hunting camp campfire listening to Nugent picking his guitar would have to be close to Heaven according to Hank. Video thanks to Mossy Oak.

So what do you think?

Is that not one of the best hunting lifestyle songs ever written?

Hank thinks these words speak to all hunters and all hunters should speak these words.

Promote and celebrate our hunting lifestyle as Ted Nugent does in his lyrics.

Hunting Songs Ideas

Lyrics Excerpt from Ted Nugent’s Fred Bear Song

There I was back in the wild again

And I felt right at home, where I belong

I had that feeling, coming over me again

Just like it happened so many times before, eh

The Spirit of the Woods is like an old good friend

Was I alone or in a hunter’s dream

Cause the moment of truth was here and now

I felt his touch, I felt his guiding hand

The buck was mine forevermore

Because of Fred Bear

We’re not alone when we’re in the great outdoors

We got his spirit, we got his soul

He will guide our steps, he’ll guide our arrows home

The restless spirit forever roams

In the wind he’s still alive.

Final words from Ted Nugent.

“Celebrate and promote, never bother defending the hunting lifestyle. Why mess with perfection.”

Hank The Hunter agrees!!

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