How to Keep Bears From Raiding Your Camp Food

Spending time in nature is great for both our mind and soul, as the best way to relax and get rid of that gathered stress is by simply breathing fresh air and enjoying your time. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean there aren’t certain rules for when in nature, especially if you are camping and planning to spend a bit more time in one place.

Yes, leaving garbage behind you and polluting nature is the first thing that pops up here, but we believe that by now, everyone is well aware of how important it is to leave everything as it was once you are packing and going home after spending a certain amount of time in nature. It’s needless to mention that if we want to preserve nature, we need to act accordingly. That is why we will focus today more on other things, or, to be more precise, how to stay safe while camping.

Safety always comes first

Many believe that all they need for camping is the right gear, time, food, and water, and they are all set to go. Understandably, those with a bit of camping experience know pretty well that’s not all, as the safety aspect is always the most important. Now here, we are not talking about mosquitos or bugs, as even though this too is something to keep in mind, encountering bears is much more dangerous.

Namely, bears have a distinct sense of smell which helps them find food much easier, meaning that from the safety aspect, there are certain precautionary measures you can and should take while camping gear. Of course, most of these things are regarding the food we bring or make while in nature and, what’s even more important, preserving the food. The goal here is to stock the food in the right way so that the smell wouldn’t attract any animals, especially bears, which is why we will focus on and discuss the best options for doing so.

Consider buying a bear canister

It is very important to pack the food in such a way that wild animals cannot open the package, and the smell cannot be felt. Their sense of smell is much stronger than ours, and they can feel it even from huge distances. Luckily, there is a great product each camper should have, and it is even required in some national parks – a bear canister. It is specially designed to protect our food, as it prevents the spread of the smell, and animals cannot tear it and get our food.

The great thing about bear canisters is that they are easy to carry on as they can easily fit into your backpack, and using them is simple as they are usually transparent and made in such a way that nothing can leak out of them. Thanks to their popularity, we can find many different models on the market, and if you are not sure where to look, visit and choose the one that meets all your requirements.

Clean all the crumbs and make sure there is no food left

clear the camping place

We have already mentioned that it’s important to leave everything as it was once you first got to your camping place, but even though crumbs and pieces of food will not pollute nature, their smell can attract unwanted guests. It all depends on the type of food and its smell, but it is never a good idea to leave crumbs just lying around where you are camping.

So, to avoid any unpleasant and potentially dangerous situations, make sure to clean and properly dispose of the leftovers or the food you haven’t eaten. It is the first and most fundamental thing to do while in nature, and it is also not costly, meaning that safety-wise, this is at least what we can do. Another thing to keep in mind and check is the clothes, or to be more precise, the jacket, as it’s where we can easily place a piece of jerky for some reason, and that alone can cause a problem if left there for a certain amount of time.

Hang the bag on the tree

tips for hang food camping bag on the tree

Bears do not love to climb trees to some big heights, which is why hanging the bag with food on some high branch is a great way to protect it from bears and other wild animals. The best idea is to choose a waterproof bag, as, in that way, you will not need to worry about it getting wet if it starts raining. Use a resistant bag that can be perfectly closed and big enough to store everything inside. For people who are not excited about climbing the tree, the best way to hang it is to use a stick and lift it to the desired branch.

Store the clothes properly

What is a camping trip without preparing your own food while surrounded by breathtaking nature? Well, since most people simply enjoy that, we need to mention that it is important to light the fire only where it is allowed and never leave garbage behind you. Each national park has different rules, so it is necessary to read them well and leave everything as you have found it. When it comes to the clothes we use while cooking, it is important to understand that they smell like food, and we need to store them properly or risk attracting some unwanted guests. It is never a good idea to wear it or sleep in it, and it should be stored in bags and put away from the tent or, even better, hung on a tree.

To summarize

Storing the food properly while on a camping trip is very important because of two reasons: you need to eat something, and you do not want to have a close encounter with any wild animal. Because of that, you need to prepare well before going on an adventure, and we hope these tips are useful and help you organize better to enjoy nature in the right way.