11 Best States For Wild Hog Hunting In The U.S.

Wild Hog

The United States Department of Agriculture estimates there are over 6 million feral hogs in the United States. What’s more, this number is rapidly expanding. Fantastic for hog hunters, not so great for the farmers We’ll have a brief look at the history of wild hogs in the United States, review the 11 Best States for Hog … Read more

Aging Deer On The Hoof Test You Should Know

Aging Deer On The Hoof Test

For any serious hunter or wildlife manager answering the question How Do You Tell How Old A Deer Is. Or doing an Aging Deer On The Hoof Test is a valued skill to acquire. Want to learn it? Guide To Aging Deer On The Hoof Whether you are aging Whitetail deer or aging Mule deer … Read more

10 Best Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors 2023 – Guide for Treasure Hunters

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Review

Back in the 70s, U.S.-based company Pacific Northwest Instruments began the production of metal detectors for treasure hunters under the brand name Bounty Hunter. Their products hold integrity, and their designs from the 80s are still relevant and workable today! Bounty Hunter metal detectors have earned the trust of treasure hunters and gold miners for … Read more