Top 4 Things to Consider When Buying a Vacation Cabin? – Escape in Style

Living in densely populated areas, especially in a big city, inevitably brings with it a certain amount of stress. Various and numerous sources of noise, constant and increasing pollution, traffic jams, and increasingly frequent and long-lasting works on the reconstruction of streets and other public areas, along with the disturbances in the movement of pedestrians and public transport that they cause, represent a great challenge even for the most tolerant of us.

When you add to that the dynamics of modern life, the monotony of everyday life and a very small part of the working day that we can call free time, it is quite expected that a large number of people want and think about how to get away from all of the above, even if it’s just for the weekend or holidays, to relax, take a break and recharge the batteries. One of the options that are always available is renting, while for those who want their own private haven that they would adapt to their personal taste and needs and create a second home from it, buying a cabin is the best solution.

Choice of vacation cabins

The very thought of waking up in nature, breathing clean air, and the first sounds we hear are birds chirping; to drink our first coffee in peace and quiet on the porch in front of our cabin while the day starts slowly sounds great.

In order for all of this to become a reality and for you to be able to fully enjoy what is described, you must first go through the selection and purchase process. This may not sound so complicated, as there are many reputable real-estate agencies to help you, but prior to contacting them, you need to know what you want,  and in order to be more sure that you will make the right choice, during this process it is advisable to pay attention to several important things. Here are 4 things to consider when buying a vacation cabin…

1. Decide on what you want

Are you a beach person, or a mountain person? This is a very important question to ask yourself, before contacting a real estate agency, so they can narrow down the choice for you. Not everyone likes to hide in the forest and surround themselves with trees. Some have their ideal vacation cabin located somewhere where they can swim, surf, or just watch the sunset from the beach. If this is true for you, real estate agencies in areas like in the Sea Pines, can offer you some great choices that are available for browsing on their website.

2. Distance from where you already live

To begin with, it is necessary to take into account the distance from the regular place of residence. Of course, a lonely log cabin in the mountains or a house in untouched nature with regional roads passing by and in the vicinity of which there is no regular traffic sounds ideal, but before that you need to ask yourself whether you are ready to expose yourself to driving for several hours every time you visit, or whether something would still suit you which you could just hop to, find yourself in your yard before the kids in the back seat eat their snacks and start questioning you about when you’ll be there, how long it is and why you haven’t arrived yet.

We’ve all already heard, if we haven’t had the chance to see for ourselves, about the natural beauty and rich offer of the Rocky Mountains, but we are equally aware that owning a cabin there implies a certain period that we will have to spend in the car, while, on the other hand, there are places near you that can also offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city that is within reach, less than an hour’s easy drive away.

3. What will be its primary purpose?

In addition to the location, the purpose of your future corner for rest and leisure is an equally important aspect. This means the way you want to spend your free time, and in this case, you should realistically look at personal habits and preferences, taking into account what type of personality we represent and who we will be spending time with within that cabin.

For younger couples, a good choice can be, for example, a lonely cottage in the mountains, where they can spend romantic evenings and enjoy the privacy of the coniferous forest that surrounds them, while families with small children will rather opt for a lake house, where they will have entertainment facilities at their disposal.  Fishing enthusiasts, especially those who plan to retire to their future property after retirement, will consider riverside areas, and so on.

4. What kind of cabin do you need?

It is certain that, when you have taken into account everything mentioned, the choice has narrowed considerably, but you should not forget about one more very important thing, which is the characteristics of the object itself and what they bring with them. This will depend on the time and funds that you will have to periodically invest in maintenance, as well as the level of comfort that they can provide you.

The large lawn that stretches in front of the porch behind the house is a beautiful sight, but it will therefore require mowing during each visit, unlike concrete or paved surface, while a large number of wooden beams, blinds, and boards, although enhancing the aesthetic experience, will require regular coating with sand for the wood so that it does not dry out and crack. A large number of trees will provide shade and please the eye, the idea of a small orchard with several different varieties sounds really tempting, but only if you are ready to collect leaves, prune, collect fruits, and protect the trees from various harmful effects.

So, as you see, there are quite a few things to consider, when you plan to invest in buying a vacation cabin. However, we hope the process will be just a bit simpler, having in mind the things we wrote about.