5 Best Holsters for Extended Hiking 2024 – Maximizing Comfort and Convenience

Although most people only identify holsters with carrying a gun, they are valuable pieces of equipment for many outdoor sports. The sort of holster you choose will depend on the type of activity you intend to engage in. This article is for you if you are looking for the best holsters for extended hiking.

If you intend to go hiking, you might spend money on a cozy holster to keep your gun safe. Invest in a shoulder holster if you intend to go camping.

Only one handgun holster style is ideal for long-distance trekking, even though many different styles are available for many different sports. People frequently think about various handgun holster alternatives for more typical situations.

Such as for self-defense in crowded urban areas or pastimes like target shooting at the range. Most individuals don’t frequently think about different pistol holsters for a circumstance that could last longer, such as trekking large distances with such a backpack for leisure, hunting, or a potential “bug out” scenario.

Choosing the right holster when hiking is essential a lot of the time. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when buying a hiking holster: That is 1) Comfort and fit 2) Materials 3) Lightweight 4)Design and 5)Price.

Some of the Best Holster Types for Exisitig fighting

  1. One shoulder holster
  2. A drop-leg holster, second
  3. A holster with a locking waistband slide
  4. A leather waist slide holster that is non-locking
  5. An arm holster

Chest Holsters are the holster of choice for hikers out of the ones discussed. Because:

  • You may carry a bigger backpack with it than with other holsters
  • It is more convenient for trekking than other holsters
  • A snug chest holster prevents snags as well as a floppy gun; it gives you easy access to your pistol
  • During a bear assault, it can be essential. Even while curled up in a fetal posture, having front access to your gun could save your life
  • Donning a jacket or winter coat. It doesn’t cause any commotion.

holter for gun

The GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster is one of the best holsters to choose from for hiking.

Known and proof that he is the best holster for extended hiking.

People choose to go hiking for the following reasons:

  • Not just intended for, but excellent for, outdoor activities including hiking, trekking, hunting, and fishing.
  • The harness is designed to keep you dry.
  • Designed to be customizable for persons of all sizes
  • Made in America

1. Blackhawk Serpa Sportster Holster

Blackhawk Serpa Sportster Holster

Your top choice is the Serpa Sportster Holster from Blackhawk. It is constructed from plastic with a polymer combination. This holster is meant to last because it is composed of high-quality plastic. For your firearm, you must select the proper holster size. It is arguably the best holster for extended hiking.

For pistols made by Glock 20, Colt, Beretta, Sig, Springfield, H&K, and S&W right now, Blackhawk provides the Serpa. Additionally, you have a choice of left- or right-handed orientation. You can choose especially Glock 20 holster for extended hiking on bookonboard.com.

2. DTOM Fanny Pack Nylon Holster for Concealed Carry

DTOM Fanny Pack Nylon Holster for Concealed Carry

Pnice fanny pack holster is available from Don’t Tread on Me Conceal and Carry Holsters (or DTOM). The Concealed Carry Nylon Fanny Pack Holster is portable. Up to a 42-inch waist can wear it. DTOM additionally sells belt extenders. It’s elegant and one of the best holsters for extended hiking.

You can still buy this holster if your waist is more than 42 inches. The holster straps offer excellent comfort. They are snug across the waist but not overly so. Additionally, they won’t rub as you ascend hills. Smaller guns like the Glock 26 work well with this holster. A large or standard-sized handgun could be challenging to fit into the pouch.

3. Bianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Holster

Bianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Holster

Bianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Holster is something you should look at if you prefer a leather holster. This leather item is stunning. To prevent scratching of your pistol, the interior is coated with suede. The metal thumb snap is simple to operate yet won’t come undone while you’re hiking. We specifically looked into that problem.. Regardless i=o say itys one of the ntop j=

This holster is capable of holding a wide variety of pistols. This includes several S&Ws, the Ruger GP100 4-inch, the Python 4-inch, the Colt King Cobra, and many others. All across the world, Bianchi Holsters are produced.

4. Hazard 4 Covert Escape RG Holster

Hazard 4 Covert Escape RG Holster

The Hazard 4 Covert Escape RG Holster is what you need if you desire a holster that can hold several items while you trek. Hiking is a perfect use for this holster. It also makes a great “bug out” bag for unplanned situations. It is one of the best holsters for extended hiking.

The Covert Escape RGTM stands out because of its unique harness system. There are numerous carrying options available. Small goods like AA batteries, cords, a mobile phones, a knife, etc. can be stored inside the Covert Escape RGTM. The water-resistant removable shuttle bag may hold a GPS, camera, and other bulky goods. Try the Hazard 4 Covert Escape RG Holster for a complete harness.

5. Active Pro Gear Chest Holster for Covert Carry

Active Pro Gear Chest Holster for Covert Carry

Many hikers favor chest carrying over hip or belly carrying. Being able to access your weapon quickly and comfortably is provided by chest carrying. Chest carrying is the best for hiking. The hostler is in front of you, and the backpack is on your back.

The Active Pro Gear Chest Holster is a fantastic option for concealed carry. It hides your handgun’s silhouette. Chafing is avoided because it won’t bounce when you trek.


Five of the holsters reviewed in this article are suitable for trekking. They are all distinct. Holsters for both hidden and open carry are available, as are holsters made of numerous types of materials. Finding the holster design you choose from our choices shouldn’t be difficult. This article helps you to find the best holsters for extended hiking.

If forced to pick just one, we’d advise the Blackhawk Serpa: Size 13 suitable for Glock models 20/21/37. In addition to having everything you’ll need for trekking, this holster is reasonably priced. It is designed specifically for a variety of handguns. Experience the Blackhawk Serpa first for security, safety, and utility.