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Cotton And Canvas Game Meat Bags – Alaska Game Meat Bags

June 2, 2018
Cotton and canvas game meat bags

So the hard work is done, is it? You have stalked your deer, elk, moose or caribou, got into position and made the perfect shot. You have even field dressed and butchered your animal ready for the carryout and transportation home- now what?

Review Of Cotton and Canvas Game Meat Bags From Alaska Game Meat Bags

You need to make sure your meat is taken care of in a quality cotton game meat bag often referred to as a cotton quarter bag. You then need a good canvas meat bag for transportation of that lovely game meat home to the kitchen table.

This article is a great review of one of my favorite cotton and canvas game meat bags from Alaska Game Meat Bags. Note these are also often called elk quarter bags but obviously, they work for deer, moose caribou or other big game. In fact, any wild game meat will be taken care of using these cotton and canvas game meat bags.

Why put your hard-won meat into a game meat bag?

Simple, for protection against spoilage and to make transportation easier and cleaner.

Let’s face it, we are not exactly in the most sanitary or clean environment when we process our hard-won game meat. Cotton and canvas game bags will protect your meat from contaminants such as sand, dirt, harsh weather and bacteria from flies and other little critters.

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Cotton Game Meat Bags


Technically these are made of a cotton polyester material. These cotton game meat bags are breathable odor free and can be used over and over again after a quick wash in the washing machine. Don’t tell the wife.

They are virtually tear resistant although no guarantees against a grizzly bear. No bottom seam adds additional strength to these game bags

They even come pre-rolled in a pack of 4 for easy packing and use in the field.

These Alaskan cotton game meat bags come in a range of sizes to cater for your particular needs. The 48” size is perfect for deer and the larger 60” size bag is great for your elk harvest.

They form fit around the meat to minimize excess material weight. Stretched tight over the meat there is material left over to tie off tightly to stop flies getting in and laying their eggs.

Being constructed of a cotton polyester material they are extremely lightweight and as we hunters, no 1 ounce in the backpack feels like one pound after a long hike. The larger elk quarter bags only weigh 6 oz per bag.

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Canvas Game Meat Bags


There is always a challenge when transporting your hards won game meat from the hunt site to home, particularly when that distance is large. That is where the Alaskan canvas game meat bags come into their own.

For transportation and for extra cooling I recommend you also put your game meat into a canvas meat bag. A canvas meat bag is a super heavy duty and will provide you with many years of use. They are washable and reusable providing outstanding value for money

Alaska Canvas game meat transport bags are specifically designed to make the transportation of your larger game such as elk and moose a simple process and ensure your meat arrives cool and clean. Saying that I use them for my deer meat as well.

Again they come in a range of sizes. A smaller bag at 24” x 30”  for your deer up to a 36” x 72” bag for your larger game meat transportation needs. They are also odor free.

Alaska canvas game meat transport bags come with a with a built-in drawstring for easy tying off. Added strength is provided because there is also no bottom seam in these canvas meat bags.

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So Why Choose Alaska Cotton and Canvas Game Meat Bags?

  • Both the cotton and canvas meat bags come in a range of sizes to meet your specific hunting needs.
  • These bags have had many years of use in a wide range of hunting environments so you know they are Dependable.
  • They are manufactured in the USA so you know they are of superior quality and you get the added benefit of supporting local, not some overseas copycat company.
  • Easily available. These cotton and canvas meat bags can be brought from Cabelas, Amazon and many other stores around the country.
  • Value for money. When you compare the prices of these cotton and canvas game meant bags to the competitors, plus the fact they re reusable you get exceptional value for money.

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As hunters it is our reasonability to not only make sure our shot placement is perfect for a quick and humane kill, we must also take care of the harvest and show respect the game meat we have been provided with.

The best way to do this is to take preventative measures against meat spoilage from insects, heat and other long-distance transportation impacts. This is achieved simply by using good quality cotton and canvas meat bags, and Alaska cotton and canvas game meat bags is a great choice to achieve this goal.

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