8 Best Deer Meat Grinder 2024 (Electric and Manual) – Top Picks for Venison

”No Hunter’s Kitchen Is Complete Without A Venison Meat Grinder.”

Buyers Guide To The Best Deer Meat Grinders (Electric and Manual)

The best deer meat grinders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to grind your own game meat. Grinders for game meat such as venison can provide you with a variety of benefits. Understanding the options available when looking to purchase a meat grinder for venison will make it easier for you to choose the one that works best for your needs.

If you are looking for a meat grinder for deer processing, or any game meat grinder for that matter this report will have you covered. Of course whilst this report focuses on the best venison meat grinders, all of these points and recommendations apply to any meat you wish to grind at home.

Types Of Deer Meat Grinders

Grinding Deer Meat

When you are looking for a deer meat grinder (or a grinder for any other game meat), it’s important to look at the various options available to you. There are two primary types of grinders to be on the lookout for.

manual venison meat grinder means that you don’t need to have an electrical source. This is particularly ideal if you want to grind your deer meat while you’re still out on a hunting trip. The best manual meat grinders are also much cheaper than the electric models.

However, you have to do all of the work.

When you work with a manual meat grinder, it will only be able to chop small amounts of game meat at a time. It typically works by you turning a crank handle, allowing the meat to be chopped and pushed through a plate at the front.

These types of deer meat grinders are easy-to-operate and can be very affordable. They are best suited if you only wish to process smaller amounts of game meat.

An electric venison meat grinder requires you to plug it in to a power source. These tend to be much larger and will do all of the work for you. They can handle very large amounts of meat, over 200 lbs per hour of deer meat ground for you.

Importantly an electric venison meat grinder will grind tougher cuts of game meat that a manual grinder simply cannot work with.

If you are looking for speed and accuracy in the kitchen, an electric game meat grinder is going to make the most sense.

For the best meat grinder for deer processing this is what you need!

These will be more expensive, but you can find one that offers all the settings and blades that you will ever need.

Electric deer meat grinders will last you a long time.

If you would just like to know the Best Electric deer meat grinder and the Best Manual deer meat grinder then here they are.

Best Electric Deer Meat Grinder

STX International Turboforce 3000 Heavy Duty 5-In-1 Powerful Size #12 • 3 Lb High Capacity Meat Tray • Sausage Stuffer (3 Sizes) • Kubbe Maker • Electric Burger/Slider Maker • Meat Claws
  • PRODUCT FEATURES: The Turboforce 3000 Classic Series is a Powerful Heavy Duty “Home Use” Grinder with a Locked Motor Wattage of 3000 Watts but it Normally Uses between 800 Watts & 1200 Watts “Under Load” (While Grinding). The Extra Large Meat Hopper measures 9.75" L x 7.25" W x 2” D and will Hold Approximately 3 Lbs of Prepped Meat Ready to Grind. This Grinder will Grind between 180 and 240 Lbs of Meat per Hour (When Properly Prepped for Grinding - Stripped or Cubed).
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: This Turboforce 3000 Series Classic Includes: 1 - Size No.12 Polished Aluminum (Food Grade) Grinding Head with Meat Hopper, 3 - 304 Grade Stainless Steel Cutting Blades, 3 - Sizes of Grinding Plates, 1 - Sausage Stuffing Plate, 3 - Sizes of Sausage Stuffing Tubes (1/2", 5/8" & 3/4"), 1 - Kubbe/Kibbe Making Attachment, 2 - Meat Shredder/Holder Claws, & 1 - 3-in-1 Burger & Slider Maker Press.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: This grinder comes with a High Capacity, High Volume Meat Hopper that holds over 3 Lbs. of meat. The Meat Auger that comes with this unit Features AVI (Advanced Variable Intake) Technology and when combined with the 2-1/8" Hopper Opening provides you with the capability of grinding larger portion sizes of meat. This Grinder has a Size Number 12 Grinding Head and the 4 Grinding/Stuffing Plates are 2-5/8" in diameter. The Voltage is AC 110V/60 Hz - NO 220V Available
  • PLEASE READ THIS: DO NOT GRIND Animal Tendons, Bones, Vegetables, Plants, Nuts or Fruits with this grinder. Despite being a Powerful Meat Grinder, the Turboforce 3000 will NOT Grind Bones, as the Grinding Head was not designed for this purpose. This Meat Grinder is Not Intended For Commercial Use.
  • Mercantile Station 2, LTD. is Based in the Center of the Continental United States, with Knowledgeable Staff On-Hand and Ready to Assist with any Questions or Concerns that may arise. STX International is a Mercantile Station 2, LTD. Brand that offers a 3-Year Warranty! Terms May Apply. Please Scroll Down this Page for More Information on this Product!

Best Manual Deer Meat Grinder

LEM #10 Stainless Steel Hand Grinder
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: With its clamp-on style, this hand grinder easily mounts on countertops and tables with thicknesses up to 1 1/4". Its wide opening clamp and sophisticated design cater to a multitude of processing needs.
  • Rugged Resilience: The grinder boasts a heavy-duty, stainless steel construction, demonstrating exceptional functionality and lifespan. Its polished surface makes cleaning hassle-free, maintains rust resistance, and offers unmatched durability.
  • What's Included: Along with the Grinder, you’ll receive 2 stainless steel plates (course: ⅜”, fine: 3/16”), a stainless steel knife, three plastic stuffing tubes (1/2", 3/4", and 7/8" OD), and a stuffing plate.
  • Grinding Possibilities: Our Grinder is ideal for processing game if you are a hunter, chef, or buying bulk meat. You can prep everything from burgers and sausages to making pet food out of scraps that would otherwise be wasted.
  • Stand Behind Our Products: We offer a one-year factory warranty on our meat grinder and lifetime customer support for any questions you may have. Additionally, we carry replacement parts for a large variety of our products, past and present.

Deer Meat Grinder Buying Considerations

How to Grind Up Deer Meet

As you explore the various game meat grinders, it’s important to consider a few factors to help you determine which one will give you the best results for your money.

Power Source.

Consider the power source, whether it’s going to be a manual deer meat grinder or an electric deer meat grinder. This will vary depending on how much meat you want to process at a time.

Body Construction.

The material used in the construction will play a role in durability. Plastic bodies are more affordable while cast aluminum bodies are commercial grade. Go for durability and solid construction.

Blade Construction.

The blades should be made of stainless steel because it’s strong, reliable, and can maintain a sharp edge. It’s also rust-resistant, which is critical to maintaining a clean, sanitary grinder. They will also have a much longer life in your kitchen processing that lovely venison.


Pay close attention to where the feed tube is in relation to the handle or power switch. Particularly in a manual meat grinder, it requires effort on your part to push the deer meat through and crank the handle. The positioning should be comfortable for you to operate the grinder.


The size of the unit should be considered based on how much meat you want to process at a time. An electric meat grinder for venison can be quite large, where as a manual meat grinder is relatively small.


For electric deer meat grinders it is important the motor big and powerful enough to manage the amount of venison you are processing. Simply put the more deer processing you will be doing, the bigger motor you will want to have.


As your deer meat grinder will be required to perform some heavy duty grinding it is important you get a good quality grinder.

Choose The Best Deer Meat Grinder That You Can Afford.

All of the venison meat grinders recommended have been fully tested to cope with the demands of grinding your own meat and importantly ALL come for REPUTABLE MANUFACTURERS.

Deer Meat Grinder Accessories

Meat Grinder Accessories

When you’re choosing a meat grinder for venison or any other type of game, you will want to consider various accessories. Some grinders will allow you to attach an accessory to add more versatility.

Multiple plates: These make it possible for you to change from coarse to fine grain.

Sausage making: You can grind the meat into the casing of choice to make sausage.

Kubbe attachment: This creates a hollow tube in the meat, making it possible to make any dishes that require you to stuff the meat with other ingredients.

Auto Patty: You can have patties automatically created to make burgers from the ground meat.

Best Deer Meat Grinders – Electric

1. STX Turboforce Classic 3000

STX Turboforce Classic 3000


STX International are a well trusted brand making exceptional kitchen equipment. This deer meat grinder is built to last and it looks great. All you meat grinding needs will be met with this unit.

  • High Capacity Meat Tray – Up To 3lb
  • 3 Speed Switch System
  • Comes With All The Accessories You Need
  • Also A Sausage And Burger Maker
  • Excellent Value For Money

Ground Fine, Coarse & Medium meat. 3000 watts of power. Reverse power function stops jams. Advanced Variable Intake (AVI) Technology allows grinding of larger cuts of meat.

2. LEM Big Bite #8

LEM Big Bite #8


This meat grinder is for the hunter or cook who grinds a few deer each year. A powerful .50 hp motor that is permanently lubricated will breeze through all your deer meat grinding in no time.

  • Exclusive Auger Design Pulls More Meat Quicker
  • Stainless Steel Housing for Durability
  • Comes With A Variety Of Accessories
  • Built In Storage Drawer
  • Comes With A 5 Year Warranty

Very durable construction. Heavy duty handle for easy moving. Fine and coarse grinding options.

3. Sunmile SM-G50 Electric

Sunmile SM-G50 Electric


Sunmile’s best meat grinder by far and compares well to the STX Turboforce above. Grinds up to 200 lbs per hour. Perfect for the serious hunter or cook.

  • Fine, Medium And Coarse Stainless Steel Cutting Plates
  • All Blades & Plates Are dishwasher Safe
  • Comes With A Variety Of Accessories
  • Large #12 size with a big capacity tray
  • Looks very elegant

Single key button On / Off / Reverse. Circuit breaker to prevent motor burnout. 1000w locked power

Best Deer Meat Grinders – Manual

1. LEM #10 Clamp On Grinder

LEM #10 Clamp On Grinder


A very heavy duty and hard wearing manual deer meat grinder. Easy to clean and maintain plus its rust resistant. The top manual venison meat grinder.

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Clamps On To Almost any Countertop Or Table
  • Comes With 3 Stuffing Tubes
  • Coarse and Fine Grinding Plates
  • Excellent Value For Money

Made for heavy duty use and backed by LEM’s excellent customer service.

2. Gideon Hand Crank Grinder

Gideon Hand Crank Grinder


A compact meat grinder that works like a heavy duty grinder. This grinder has a superb suction base instead of using a clamp on design.

  • Stainless Steel Blades Enclosed In The Unit
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dishwasher Safe For Easy Cleanup
  • Coarse and Fine Grinding Plates
  • Excellent Value For Money

The perfect alternative to a heavier clamp on style meat grinder.

3. Weston #10 Manual Grinder

Weston #10 Manual Grinder


Very sturdy and efficient manual meat grinder. Disassembles easily for cleaning. Comes with a range of accessories.

  • Large Opening for Feeding Meat Into
  • Adjustable Burrs To Control Thickness Of Grind.
  • Comes With A 3 Sizes Sausage Stuffing Kit
  • 2 Steel Cutting Plates
  • A Good Allrounder

Durable venison meat grinder. Affordable steel construction with a range of sausage stuffing extras.

The Best Budget Deer Meat Grinders

1. STX Turboforce Scout 1000

STX Turboforce Scout 1000


An exceptional deer meat grinder in the budget range at around $50. More compact than the bigger models yet capable of some serious meat grinding. Sausage Stuffer and Kubbe maker included.

  • Easy To Use And Easy To Store
  • Forward And Reverse Capabilities
  • Durable Construction For Long Life
  • Comes With ALL The attachments You Need
  • Backed With A 3 Year Warranty

2. Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder

Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder


At around $20 this is a good option for occasional meat grinding. Easy to use and clean, comes in a compact design for easy storage. Unfortunately, no sausage stuffer included.

  • Strong Suction Cup Base for Use Anywhere
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Grinding Blades
  • Very Simple To Operate
  • Not For Tough Cuts Of Meat

Why Grind Your Own Deer Meat?

Deer Meat Grinding

Grinding your own deer meat allows you to take control of the overall quality of what you are eating and feeding the family.

You can choose the plate that you use for grinding venison, elk, moose or any other type of game meat. This enables you to get the texture, fine, medium or coarse to suit your needs.

Additionally, you know exactly what’s going into the mix. If you buy ground meat at the store, it could be a combination of all sorts of animals and parts.

Wild game meat has many nutritional benefits compared to standard beef, pork and chicken. It also provides you and the family with more variety at dinner time.

When you grind deer meat weeks (or even months) before you’re going to eat the meat, it exposes the meat to the air and microbes. This speeds up the loss of moisture and shortens the overall shelf life. This means that you’re not going to get the flavor and texture that you really want.

TIP. By using a deer meat grinder on your own, you can store the game meat in chunks in your freezer. It will store better than ground meat. Then, when you’re ready to grind the meat, you simply take out of the freezer, allow to thaw slightly and then grind away!

Following this process, your ground venison will maintain a higher level of moisture and in turn provide you with the highest quality meat. The flavor will be much fresher, too.

With so many different attachments available on the quality meat grinders, you can do so much more with the hard won game meat that you may have done in the past.

Make venison sausages, game meat burgers or deer meatloaf ALL with freshly ground, natural meat.

Otherwise, you’re at the mercy of what the butcher does with the meat.

Tips For Using Deer Meat Grinders

Meat Grinder

Once you have a deer meat grinder, there are a few tips to ensure that you get the best quality ground meat out of it. It will also make it easier for you to have your grinder around for many years to come.

If you have your own harvested deer, this step by step article on How To Butcher A Deer Hind Quarter may help you. Instructional video included.

Now back to some meat grinder tips. Also watch the Pro Butcher Tips at the end of this article.

Follow the instructions of your grinder to make sure that you’re not placing more in the feeder tube than recommended. Depending on the size of your grinder, this may be around one pound at a time.

Trim the sinew, silverskin, yellow fat, and any bloodshot meat into chunks before it goes into the grinder.

It’s okay to leave some fat on, as long as it’s not too thick. This will ensure that you get a good blend when you’re ready to start cooking the ground meat.

With venison and other wild game, there’s not a whole lot of fat to work with. You can add bacon trimmings or pork butt to add some fat into your game meat, too.

With an electric meat grinder, allow a rest period of at least 45 minutes in between grinding sessions to ensure the motor does not overheat.

Keep the grinder plates sharp.

If the deer meat coming out of the plates does not look freshly cut, check the back to ensure that it is free of sinew. You should also check to ensure the retaining ring is on as tight as it can be.

Especially when you’re working with freshly caught game, be sure to clean your meat grinder well so that you get the best and freshest meat product produced.

Be sure that you remove all of the deer meat from the grinder in between uses. If you leave any meat inside, it can lead to bacteria that will transfer to the next batch of meat. Feed some bread into the meat grinder to soak up any additional grease and oil. Then, take apart the grinder and let it soak in soapy water.

Opt for one that allows you to add more accessories, even if you don’t get them all right away.

With a durable deer meat grinder, you can enjoy better tasting ground meat. Whether you make burgers, sausages, meatloaf, or even meatballs with the game meat, you can impress everyone with the freshness that the meat has to offer.

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3 Pro Meat Grinding Tips From A Butcher (Video)

Now it is your turn.

Get yourself a good quality meat grinder and start producing delicious, healthy fresh meat for the table.

Your family and friends will be impressed.

It is truly satisfying.