Build A Container Home Review: Is It REALLY Worth It?

So here’s the deal. 

Having a shipping container home sounds like a great idea..

And it really is.

But there’s a lot of stuff you can mess up.

Things that will set you back a lot of money and a lot of time.

Do you have the following things in order?

Things to Consider Before Building A Container Home:

  • How many people are going to stay in the house? 
  • What kind of look or design do you want your house to portray? 
  • Prepare the budget. 
  • The foundation…
  • Find the right place for your project. 
  • Check the location and the capacity of the soil to sustain it. 
  • Take a look at the building codes. 
  • Determine how you’re going to fund your home. 
  • Estimate the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and play area. 
  • Find out the square feet you’re going to need.
  • Getting the actual container to you…

If there are any “question marks” in your mind about anything above…

Do Yourself a Huge Service and Invest in Warren Thatcher’s Build a Container Home Program

Build Container Home Book

If learning how to build a beautiful shipping container home is your end goal… 

And you want to do it right so that it lasts…

And you don’t make a ton of very costly mistakes in the process…

Get this program.

This program offers the most detailed DIY home building solution. Warren obtained and compiled information by research, and had it explained. Select one of the model container home designs in the book. Be exceptional and stand out from anyone else in your area.

Click here to get your copy of Build a Container Home

What’s in the product?

A perfect guide for planning is yours as you read the book by Warren Thatcher. The author emphasizes that 9% of all good architectural construction is in the planning stages.

With Build a Container Home, you’ll get ideas on:

  1. How to make good use of a shipping container.
  2. Find out what errors you have to avoid so that your project is safe and robust. 
  3. Learn the right approaches to get the job done and get ready to step in.
  4. How do you save your money and the right place to invest in for the best results?
  5. The least expensive way to build a container home.


 ● It contains DIY techniques with which you can build a living space of your preference with the use of shipping containers without professional help.

 ● Find and modify affordable containers based on your living needs by following the guidelines as outlined by the author.

● The product is 100% accurate and if you do not find the approaches helpful, you will get a full refund on your purchase within 60 days.


 ● Shipping containers are hard to transport, and you will need a proper building permit before you start your work.

Benefits of owning a container home 

It’s an exciting idea; thousands of people have used shipping containers to build their houses. There are many advantages to shipping containers, several of which are:

 ● Containers are cheap to use. When you equate the price of a shipping container to building materials, you’ll realize that you’re saving quite a bit of money. You may customize shipping containers to create a stylish, classy look that is gaining popularity.

● Most of the job is completed already. You save time, and you just join the containers and attach it to the foundation.

● You can personalize your container basically as you like. 

● Their environmental impacts are a huge benefit. You’re not chopping down trees, because anytime you use old shipping containers, you’re recycling them.


Build A Container Home by Warren Thatcher is a program & PDF book that includes the most effective ideas and strategies for building a living home using shipping containers. You will learn how to find and redesign containers at the lowest cost using the methods discussed by the author to create a secure and convenient living space.

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